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expanding the world of sage

First Friday online training - Sage Line 500 & Sage 1000 Projects

Friday 4th August 2017: 1:30pm - 3:00pm

These training sessions are held every first Friday of the month. Just sign up, log in and watch the training from the comfort of your office.

This month's course: Projects

'Projects’ are small enhancements within your existing Sage system that can provide additional functionality once activated by Datel. Each version of Sage contains additional projects and there are now 156 available.

This training session will highlight some of the 156 Projects, how to get them activated and how to use them.


*Training will be shown in the web client of the latest version of Sage 1000. Some older and GUI versions will look different but the functionality is the same.

Please note that the training schedule may be subject to change.


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