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expanding the world of sage

Datel expands with new starter: Kim, our Marketing Content Creator

We recently caught up with Kim, one of Datel’s latest new starters, to find out how she’s settling into her new role as Marketing Content Creator.

First, tell us a bit about you and your background.

I’ve loved writing since childhood, especially writing my own stories; my absolute favourite lesson in school was always English.

After finishing college, I was offered a job as a copywriter and blogger for an internet marketing agency, and decided to take the role rather than going to university to study English further, as this was the career path I’d always wanted to go on.

I went on to work in various digital agencies for the next five years as a copywriter and content marketer, before finding out about the vacancy at Datel and applying.

How did you find out about Datel?

I was actively looking for a new position in content writing, and found out about Datel and the role of Marketing Content Creator after a connection on LinkedIn brought it to my attention.

What made you decide to apply for the role at Datel?

I was looking for a role that would allow me to write copy and market content from an in-house perspective, having worked agency side for such a long time. I was also keen to work for a business that was larger and more established than in my previous roles, having only worked at agencies with anywhere from five to fifty other employees.

Datel seemed to fit the bill perfectly, having been established over thirty years ago and now with over 160 members of staff. Most importantly for me, Datel also has a high staff retention rate, meaning its employees are happy – nearly 30% of the company has more than 10 years’ service.

How did you find the recruitment and interviewing process?

The interview process gave me so much insight into Datel as a company. I had the initial interview with the manager of my department, but was also given the opportunity to meet the Managing Director of Datel and another member of the marketing team.

I could ask any questions I wanted, so I got a great feel for the business and its values, which played a huge part in my decision to take the role.

Left to right: David Preston, Managing Director; Kim Whitley, Marketing Content Creator; Alan Simpson, Executive Chairman

How did you find your first day at Datel?

I remember arriving on my first day and having my desk already set up for me, my laptop and equipment prepared, inductions and meet and greets arranged, and even free lunch in the on-site bistro with someone on my new team! Right from the get-go, I was treated like a valued and considered staff member.

I was even given a map of the building so I could easily see where all of the different offices and departments were based, which continues to be a massive help to me every day!

Everyone in the business does everything they can to make you feel welcome, and everyone is always approachable and happy to help – a huge asset in a building with so many people.

What does a typical day at Datel involve for you now?

As Marketing Content Creator, my role requires me to conceptualise, generate and promote content to support Datel's inbound marketing strategy. I work closely with the rest of the marketing team, especially our in-house designer, on impactful layout and planning, executing and delivering content across multiple channels.

Day-to-day I work with Datel's employees in multiple departments across the business, as well as customers and partners to create and write items such as case studies, email campaigns, blog and website pages, press releases, and whitepapers and guides.

What is your favourite part about working at Datel so far?

The fact that everyone is so friendly. It’s such a supportive place to work and you always feel like you’re welcome to ask questions and suggest ideas to anyone, including directors. The fact that we have an on-site bistro with a chef is another great perk, as there’s a different menu every day – so lunch is never boring!

Would you recommend Datel as an employer?

Absolutely. I’ve told my friends and relatives all about Datel and how much I’m enjoying it, and even taken some of their CVs to the HR office in case something comes up that would suit them! It’s a collaborative, welcoming and motivating working environment that’s perfect for anyone looking to take the next step in their career, or start a new one.