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How integrated eCommerce streamlines your business processes

An integrated approach to eCommerce is essential if you want to trade online effectively. It means your trading platform is automatically synchronised with your back office supply chain system.

Organisations reliant upon different finance, eCommerce and CRM systems may struggle to scale effectively. Costs will increase and efficiency will decrease as the business will lack real-time information.

With a fully integrated B2B eCommerce solution, organisations can quickly and cost effectively implement an end-to-end system to deliver real-time product information, and cut down admin expenses.

Integrating eCommerce with Sage

Integrating your website with Sage delivers the following benefits:

  • Real-time business intelligence – immediate insight into sales performance and stock management
  • Reduced administration – just one set of ecommerce data to maintain within your back office system, which acts as the ‘master record’ for all customers, including pricelists and stock availability to minimise manual overheads
  • Faster processing – orders are automatically sent to the back office processing system in real time
  • User-friendly accessibility – customer specific promotions and pricing, full customer history, plus real-time stock availability and delivery options which can be calculated automatically
  • End to end integration – avoid out-of-stock situations online.


Which solution is right for you?

The right B2B eCommerce solution, integrated with Sage, should be a one-stop shop that saves you time, helps grow your sales, streamlines your supply chain, and eliminates costly manual administration.

In Datel’s experience, these are the key things to look out for when choosing an eCommerce solution to integrate with Sage:

  • Real time information integration, and not a manual file transfer. This is critical to project success, make sure your customer pricing calculations and fast moving promotions are correct every time.
  • Easy implementation with minimal user training required, to save on set-up costs and allow a quick return on investment
  • Personalisation interface, to allow each customer to see information relevant to their customer profile, products, pricelists, offers and promotions
  • Your product catalogue should be accessible from anywhere at any time on any type of mobile device, allowing for instant 24/7 access
  • Your provider should offer ongoing support and keep the software updated with new features
  • Your eCommerce solution should allow you to brand and present your products the way you want them.

Interested in finding out more about eCommerce and how it could help your business?