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People at Datel: Charlie Clayton, Internal Business Consultant

Charlie Clayton is a member of the growing Marketing department, and has been working at Datel since 2012 in various roles.

First, tell us a bit about you and your background.

After finishing at college – where I studied sociology and media, two subjects I really enjoyed – I started work in the customer service sector. This included working as a Receptionist at the Premier Inn, a Travel Consultant at Thomas Cook, and a Customer Retentions Advisor at BT.

It was in these roles that I developed an interest in sales and customer service, and realised that my strengths lie with being a people person.

How did you find out about Datel?

In 2012 I started looking for a new career, as I really wanted to put my customer service, sales and marketing skills to good use in a B2B environment, rather than B2C.

My brother-in-law, Ben, was working at Datel at the time and told me about the role of Admin Assistant, and what a good company Datel is to work for. I did some research on both Datel and Sage, and then applied for the role, which would require me to assist the Office Services Manager with various tasks day-to-day.

How has your role and department changed since you started?

Since joining Datel, I’ve had three different roles across two departments: Admin Assistant, Receptionist and Internal Business Consultant.

My current role, Internal Business Consultant, is based in the Marketing team, whereas when I was a Receptionist and Admin Assistant, I worked in the Office Services team.

Why did you decide to change roles?

I changed roles from Admin Assistant when I joined in 2012 to Receptionist when a vacancy arose. As I had experience in reception and travel from working at Premier Inn and Thomas Cook, my department manager, Benita, asked me if I’d like to do that role full time.

Following this, I was looking for a new challenge and realised that I wanted the buzz of getting a sale, and really helping people to solve their business issues. That was when I decided to interview for the Internal Business Consultant role in the Marketing department.

What does a typical day at Datel involve for you?

As an Internal Business Consultant, my day tends to revolve having phone calls, talking to companies about their business processes and their future plans for their business systems. It also involves liaising with our New Business Consultants and managing the diaries to book appointments to discuss our Sage solutions and the support we can offer.

We also have regular training with our coach and catch ups with our Team Leader and Manager. LinkedIn plays a big part in my role at the moment, too, so I’ll spend some of my time searching for good content to share and connecting with my prospects to build a good relationship.

Has changing job roles within Datel been beneficial to you?

Changing job roles has definitely helped with my future career progression, as it’s opened so many doors to me. Working in the Marketing department, I feel as though I’ve got a clear picture of why sales and marketing is important to Datel as a business, and the experience encouraged me to start studying for a marketing certificate.

Thanks to all of this experience in different roles across Datel, my communication and interpersonal skills have improved even further, and I feel that my personal initiative, drive and attention to detail is always put to good use.

What do you enjoy most about working at Datel?

I love Datel, and what I love the most about it is how everybody who works here is so passionate about the business being as successful as it possibly can. This atmosphere also is carried through to how much we all care about our customers. Datel are very keen to give opportunities for their staff to grow and are fully supportive of learning and developing. It’s a professional, friendly, easy going place to work and we all feel like one big family. With working in Marketing there are plenty of social events and incentives that unite us all, and I’ve met some people who I’m sure will be friends for life while working at Datel.

Would you recommend Datel?

Yes, always. I already have done, my sister now works here due to my recommendation. I’d always recommend everybody I know to work at Datel as I’m so proud to say I’m part of such a fantastic company and team.