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expanding the world of sage

Cutting Edge Services Ltd

CES Ltd is a BRC and ISO accredited supplier of world-class specialist meat and food processing machinery, sharp edge services, butchery equipment, consumables and food industry PPE. The products and services are supported by a highly experienced team of industry specialists to ensure that whether it’s increased yield, productivity, safety, quality, reliability or compliance - the CES team helps to optimise return on investment.

Industry: Distribution

Current solution: Sage 200 & Sage CRM

Video Type: Customer Review

Client: Cutting Edge Services Ltd

Industry Sector: Manufacturing

Interviewee: Michael Stott, Finance and IT Manager

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"My view of CRM systems has changed immensely. When we first came across Sage CRM I had only ever seen poorly implemented systems, so I saw it as a sales tool. But, when you start to look at what can be done with it, Sage CRM is an incredibly powerful management tool.”

Michael Stott, Finance and IT Manager, Cutting Edge Services Ltd