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expanding the world of sage

Godfrey Syrett

Godfrey Syrett Ltd, a supplier of furniture solutions to commercial, private and public organisations in the UK, is to implement Sage X3 from Sage Business Partner Datel to help the business reach its growth goals.

Formed in 1947, Godfrey Syrett currently boasts a turnover of around £26.5million, and has strong growth goals with a view to reach £50 million turnover by 2020. One of the most integral actions in achieving the goal was identified by the business as a review of its current business management system.

Industry: Manufacturing

Current solution: Sage X3

“The key benefit of Sage X3 is the user interface, which should cut down training time when we get around to that stage. It’s a very modern system and will allow key people in the business to access real time data on any device with an internet connection and a browser, so our senior managers can make quicker and more responsive decisions."

Ross Teeley, Health, Safety and Process Improvement Manager, Godfrey Syrett