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expanding the world of sage


Founded in 1948, Guy-Raymond Engineering Co Ltd. produces a wide range of castors and assorted components for office seating, furniture, medical equipment, shop fittings, and many other applications.

Representatives of Guy-Raymond were introduced to Datel when they were invited to attend Datel’s Connect 2015 event: a gathering of businesses, including current and prospective Datel customers, and filled with presentations and sessions designed to inform and advise delegates about both Datel’s and Sage’s products.

Guy-Raymond had considered various other types of software, but after meeting the staff at Datel at Connect 2015, and a period of research and discussion, the business unanimously decided to use a Sage solution.

Industry: Manufacturing

Current solution: Sage X3

“The fact that Sage X3 is able to produce documents in different languages will also offer us a lot of benefits. Having multilingual capabilities for our international reporting is something that we simply didn’t have previously, and is an example of just one of the many steps forward Sage X3 will take us.”

Kelvin Daniels, Managing Director Guy-Raymond.