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expanding the world of sage

James Troop

James Troop, specialists in the supply, installation, servicing, overhaul and rehabilitation of industrial and marine diesel engines and generators, has chosen Datel, a leading UK Sage Business Partner, as their new software implementation and support partner for Sage 200. Sage 200 will replace James Troop’s current business management solution, to modernise the company’s processes, as growth continues to accelerate.

James Troop currently operates its business on a software system from MultiSoft. Derek Bate, Finance Director at James Troop, explains: “We’ve been using MultiSoft as our business management solution for around 25 years, but we haven’t actually been supported by a third-party on this software for a number of years now. “We’ve made do with MultiSoft, and even had some additional development work performed to handle the unique requirements of James Troop – but recently, we reached a stage where we realised that the system could fail at any point and we wouldn’t be in a position to fix it.

Industry: Manufacturing

Current solution: Sage 200

"We quickly found from talking with other businesses in the industry that Sage 200 would be the most natural migration for us. We did consider other software, but in terms of recommendations, I was always pointed towards Sage."

Derek Bate, Finance Director, James Troop