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expanding the world of sage

Jupiter Marketing Ltd

Jupiter Marketing has a forward-looking and enterprising approach to business, which has translated into impressive year-on-year growth of up to 20%.

As Financial Controller Ian Grubb explains, maintaining control of dramatic business expansion presents a significant management challenge: “In experiencing growth on this scale, we must be able to measure and monitor every aspect of the business. For example, is the profit we gain from a supplier, customer or product type commensurate with the time and energy we invest in servicing them?”

With the new system, Jupiter Marketing will be able to carry out statistical analysis at a detailed level, right down to the country of origin, variety and grade of product.

Industry: Food & Drink

Current solution: Sage X3

“Our Sage Line 100 system had served us well over several years as a very robust system. However, it required manual input to extract the information and couldn’t provide the necessary in-depth reporting and analysis. We sought a more modern and powerful system and Datel proposed Sage X3. We are now looking forward to being able to drill down into the information to see what’s going on under the surface and to slice and dice the data.”

Ian Grubb, Financial Controller, Jupiter Marketing Ltd