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The following downloads provide information on Datel, Sage 200, Sage ERP X3, Sage ERP 1000 and Datel's Fusion range.

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  • About Datel

    Datel Corporate Brochure >
    Read an interview with Datel's founder and Executive chairman, Alan Simpson, about Datel's history as a Sage Business Partner, the success of the business and how Datel differentiates itself in the market place.

    Datel FAQ's
    Common concerns often found when businesses are researching Sage software are addressed in this document.

  • Datel Customer Reviews

    AESSEAL plc Customer Case Study - QlikView >
    “From that one day of initial effort plus three or four days of our own time, we had a live use of QlikView and started to receive real value from it. Being able to see where we did and did not have data helped us to reveal the gaps – which is one of the powers of QlikView, we soon discovered”
    Stuart Welsh, Head of IT, AESSEAL plc

    Burt Boulton & Haywood Customer Case Study – Sage ERP 1000 >
    “Having end-to-end visibility of our business has made a huge difference in our ability to open up new opportunities and provide outstanding customer service... we're becoming more marketing focused and more proactive at getting out there and selling.”  
    Steven Harris, Head of IT, Burt Boulton & Haywood Ltd

    Euro Foodbrand Exports Ltd Customer Case Study – Sage 200 >
    “We’d been using Sage 50 Accounts, but we’d stretched our system to the limit. The work-arounds you can do when you’re small, such as those concerned with trading in multiple currencies, become very time-consuming when you begin to handle more transactions as the business grows.”
    Hassan Ibrahim, Director, Euro Foodbrand Exports Ltd

    Fileder Filter Systems Ltd Customer Case Study – Sage 200 >
    “We’ve been able to streamline our processes to make business efficiencies which are essential to our profitable growth. The little things add up to a big difference. For example, we’ve shaved a few minutes off the time it takes to enter an order. Multiply this and it means more time spent talking to our customers and less on the  paperwork.”
    Jason Rainbird, Customer Relationship Manager, Fileder Filter Systems

    Hertfordshire Partnership NHS Trust Customer Case Study – Sage Line 500 >
    “We have a good relationship with Datel and it’s nice to know they’re working for us. Alan Simpson, is hands on and very approachable. Datel are premier Sage partners, they win awards every year and the set up is very professional.”
    Diane Richardson, Finance Service Manager, Hertfordshire Partnership NHS Trust

    ICON Health & Fitness Customer Case Study – QlikView >
    “We need to equip sales people out on the road with up-to-date information on their accounts as well as giving country sales managers the necessary information to manage their teams effectively.  QlikView gives them the information they need, where and when they need it."
    Neil Woodward, IT Manager for Europe, ICON Health and Fitness

    ICON Health & Fitness Customer Case Study – Resource on Demand >
    “Because our need for IT resource fluctuates, if we recruited more people all trained up on the different software, it could be quite a big team and at times it would not be fully utilised. Resource on Demand is a great service that frees me to focus on more strategic initiatives and supporting the ICON Europe business."
    Neil Woodward, IT Manager for Europe, ICON Health and Fitness

    Irvine Whitlock Ltd Customer Case Study – Sage Line 500 >
    “As the business has grown, life’s certainly become more hectic for everyone. Once upon a time, I could absorb most of the Sage support issues; now there are just not enough hours in the day. Fortunately, I’m able to hand over plenty of the day-to-day support to Datel, so I can focus more on the business.”
    Justin Irvine, IT Manager, Irvine-Whitlock Ltd

    Lancaster University Students Union Customer Case Study >
    “Thanks to Datel, we’re very comfortable with Sage 200 and look forward to exploring more of its functionality to further increase our business efficiency.. Having had such a contrasting experience with a previous business partner, we’re not just satisfied with Datel, we’re over the moon.”
    Vicki Askham, Financial Controller, Lancaster University Students’ Union

    Magee Clothing Ltd Customer Case Study – Sage 200 and Protex >
    “We have full visibility on the system of both our raw material cloth stocks across all supplier locations overseas and our own finished goods stocks at home.  If we cannot immediately meet the customers’ requirements, we have information to hand on which alternatives to suggest.”
    Lynn Temple, Chairman of the Magee Group

    Multisol Ltd Customer Case Study – Sage Line 500 >
    “Datel give us total IT support from conception to implementation right through to troubleshooting, problem solving and training services.”
    Andrew Wilkins, Operations Director, Multisol

    Nichols plc Customer Case Study – Sage ERP 1000 >
    “Datel has outstanding knowledge and experience of using Sage within the food and drinks industry, and a deep understanding of our business.”
    Allan Doyle, Group IT Manager, Nichols plc

    Ralawise Ltd Customer Case Study – Sage Line 500 >
    “Datel offers everything that this business requires and I’m very happy; they are very professional and always find a solution for anything that we throw at them.  Datel isn’t just a Sage reseller, it’s a partnership that offers a solution to everything."
    Paul Shore, Commercial Director, Ralawise

    Sälzer UK Ltd Customer Case Study – Sage 200 >
    “Looking back, the implementation seemed to happen in the blink of an eye. Datel’s tried and tested methodology came into play in ensuring that it was all much quicker and easier than we could have hoped. There were no surprises and I was very pleased it went so well.”
    Adrian Miller, IT Manager, Sälzer UK Ltd

    Supply UK Ltd Customer Case Study – Sage 200 >
    “Sage 200 Financials was essential to give us control over our business and visibility of each depot or cost centre. What’s more, we don’t have a huge team of people, so having an up-to-date IT system in place contributes enormously to increased efficiency.”
    Karen Hitchen, Financial Controller, Supply U.K. Ltd

    Tangle Teezer Ltd Customer Case Study – Sage 200 >
    "We are looking to Sage 200 to help us gain even tighter control of our business by managing our stock, to get the right balance between meeting requirements and not overproducing. We’ve already shrunk our debtors right down and know that the system will assist us in the vital area of cash flow management.”
    Shaun Pulfrey, Managing Director, Tangle Teezer Ltd.

    Taskers plc Customer Case Study – Sage Line 500 & FUSION Automation >
    “Our goal throughout has been to cut costs without cutting corners. With FUSION Automation, we save many hours of work every week, probably the equivalent of a person, by automating a routine of repetitive tasks around managing the movement of stock between its various statuses, as it moves through the business.”
    Paul Schwartz, Financial Director, Taskers plc

    Ultimate Products Ltd Customer Case Study – Sage Line 500 >
    "Deciding to stay within the Sage fold, we chose a more powerful, wide-ranging solution in Sage Line 500. We selected Datel as our new Sage Business Partner to supply, implement and support the system. We’d been impressed by their professionalism and willingness to customise the solution to our needs – qualities, incidentally, which we offer our own customers."
    Adam Sharples, IT Director, Ultimate Products Ltd

  • Our Solutions

    Sage ERP X3 Overview >
    Sage ERP X3 integrates all of your company’s information and business processes within a single software system and database. It is a stand-alone software solution that brings together advanced functionality and complete data integration with an efficient workflow engine and user-friendly business and reporting tools.

    Sage 200 Overview >
    The Sage 200 Suite brings together fi nancial management, customer relationship management and business intelligence software all in one solution so you can share data easily throughout your business.

    Sage ERP 1000 Overview >
    Sage ERP 1000 is an integrated business management solution that serves all departments across your organisation. Supporting customers who operate solely in the UK, or who have French and German subsidiaries, Sage ERP 1000 offers a purpose built range of integrated modules that can span your entire enterprise, whether your business operates multiple companies or perhaps across multiple sites.

    Sage Line 500 Brochure >
    Sage Line 500 offers all the advantages of a tried and tested Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application with the outstanding performance and web capability that is essential for success in today’s competitive business environment. Whatever industry your business operates in, Sage Line 500 provides the enterprise-wide business information and management control you need to balance increased profitability with delivering consistently high levels of service.

    Sales;ogix Brochure >
    Bringing in high quality leads and managing profitable campaigns are what you do every day to support sales and drive revenue. Saleslogix powers your strategic initiatives with the tools you need to help deliver a strong ROI on your marketing activities.

    Sage CRM Brochure >
    CRM - Customer Relationship Management - is more than just a software application. It is a business solution for all customer-centric processes. It covers every interaction with customers across the entire business. It improves internal business processes, enables closer management of new and existing customer relationships, increases revenues and decreases inefficiencies and provides management with timely and reliable insight to guide decisions.

    Sage Accounts Production Advanced Overview >
    Fulfil your statutory requirements efficiently with Sage Accounts Production Advanced. Used extensively by corporate accounts departments and approved by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales and HMRC, Sage Accounts Production Advanced minimises the workload involved in preparing compliant final accounts.

    Sage Corporation Tax Overview >
    Sage Corporation Tax efficiently and accurately automates the production of tax computations and CT600 forms in the required formats for electronic filing. It’s powered by ONESOURCE, which is used by over 60% of FTSE 100 companies.

  • Datel FUSION

    FUSION Automation Datasheet >
    Automate repetitive tasks with Datel’s FUSION Automation. The simple to use and powerful application is a tool for automating those frequently used and time consuming tasks in Sage. The product integrates with Sage Line 500 and Sage 1000.

    FUSION Credit Control Datasheet >
    FUSION Credit Control provides a centralised credit control function allowing you to manage your cash flow and customers better. Extend the ability of Sage Line 500 and Sage 1000 to streamline processes, improve cash flow and reduce bad debts.

    FUSION e-Requisitions Datasheet >
    FUSION e-Requisitions is an online purchase requisition system providing the flexibility and control required to manage your purchasing processes efficiently. Minimise the paper trails of purchase order raising and approvals through this centralised application that integrates directly with your Sage Line 500 or Sage ERP 1000 system.

    FUSION Enhancer Datasheet >
    Fusion Enhancer provides the platform to quickly produce data entry forms, complex browse options and reports that all link to your existing Sage forms. This additional functionality allows you to deploy customisations to your user base through your familiar Sage environment.

    FUSION Insight Datasheet >
    FUSION Insight provides the tools to collate a wealth of relevant, real-time information and present it to decision makers in formats they can understand at a glance and use as a basis for effective and efficient decision making.

    FUSION Notify Datasheet >
    The pace of doing businessis accelerating all the time and you can’t afford to takeyour eye off the ball for a second. FUSION Notify ensures that your decision makers never miss an event or situation defined as having a significant impact on your business. 

    FUSION SDK Datasheet >
    Datel’s software developer’s toolkit, FUSION SDK, is a user friendly set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) enabling you to integrate business processes and link third party applications.

    FUSION WMS Datasheet >
    Datel’s Warehouse Management Solution, FUSION WMS, allows you to take control of your warehouse and manage your inventory more efficiently. Creating a seamless extension to Sage 1000 and Sage Line 500, this solution will improve customer satisfaction, profit and cash flow, and reduce stock levels and stock take costs.


We hope that our selection of downloadable materials have been of use to you and your business. We like to provide the best in customer service and you can view our feedback here


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