Business Futures

Business Futures

The brand new podcast from Datel

by Emma Pownall, Marketing Director, Datel

Ambition alone is not enough to make a business successful, and certainly not in the long term. But what is that magic ingredient that makes one business thrive and another business fail?

This is a topic that is debated by boards of directors, written about by best-selling authors and taught by business academics. In my own experience of working with hundreds of successful UK businesses, I find that there doesn’t seems to be one answer. Whether your business has been around for 200 years or 200 days, having the ambition to succeed is one thing but what I am learning from our customers is that there is also something else.

I’m on a journey to find out what that something is and share it with other directors and leaders along the way. Academics, specialists and experienced business leaders all have a view. So, through my podcast - Business Futures - I am asking the challenging questions of the people with the knowledge and experience to unearth what that magic ingredient is. From people management to building strong business relationships to technology and innovation, Business Futures will take a closer look.

Listen to the Business Futures Podcast...

Episode 1:
International growth - what's the secret? 

In this episode, you'll hear from Barry Leahey, MD of Playdale Playgrounds, on how they turned their successful UK business into an international player. Learn more.

Episode 2: 
Artificial Intelligence - in manufacturing

Discover how AI will shape the manufacturing industry in years to come. I speak with futurist Matt O’Neill and Datel’s R&D Director Tim Purcell on the latest in emerging technology and if Artificial Intelligence is going to take over. We discuss how far we’ve progressed in putting Artificial Intelligence into modern business, IoT and AI and the ethics of AI. Learn more.

Episode 3: 
Intergenerational leadership

In this episode - I speak to Henry Rose Lee, author of 'The Code for New Leaders' and expert on managing the different generations that make up today's workforce. We speak about why it's suddenly become important to understand the differences between the generations in a workforce. What each generation wants from their managers and companies they work for. And how businesses can use technology (and a bit of consideration and common sense) to get the most out of their people. Learn more.

Episode 4: 
The 2020 trends shaping technology and business

In this episode, you'll hear from Datel's R&D Director, Tim Purcell, on the trends that are going to shape technology and business in 2020. We explore the benefits and potential challenges of 5G, the notion of agile working in today's workplace, and the impact that Brexit is going to have on business. Learn more.

Episode 5:
The benefits of coaching for businesses

In this episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with Anna Gudmundson, Simon Grayson and Laurence Hollobon. We discuss coaching within the workplace, focusing on the benefits of coaching for individuals and teams, the GROW Model, and top tips to get businesses started. Learn more.

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