Technology for success

Technology for success

Matching your business strategy and plans with the right technology is what we focus on and we are driven by how our technology can enable your success. 

Since 1981 Datel’s teams have been focused on utilising the latest and proven business technology to build successful business management solutions.

We take a layered approach to our solutions, uniquely designed for each of our clients and their ongoing needs. Sage software is the starting point coupled with solutions that connect and integrate business tools for productivity and efficiency.  Deployment of your solution is a choice to be made based on your business requirements and expertise.  Finally, the services we offer enable the technology to be delivered, maintained and supported in line with your timescales and strategy.

  • Sage software

Datel is built on a foundation of being experts in Sage software.  We have partnered with Sage for over 40 years and have sold many of their solutions designed for growing and large businesses.

The individuals within our team collectively have clocked up years’ of Sage product experience and hundreds of Sage product accreditations to their names.  We pride ourselves on our training programme that ensures all support and applications consultants at Datel have the latest accreditations for the solutions we sell, implement and support.

We offer system support and consultancy services to the core Sage platforms including Sage 200, Sage X3 and Sage 1000.

  • Enhancing the Sage solution

Connected technology is what drives communication and efficiency within businesses. At Datel, we look for solutions that connect your processes with your business systems to provide a seamless solution. 

Whether it’s an application that’s written by our own R&D team to address customer needs or a market-leading technology that offers something that the core solutions do not, we will design a complete solution for you.

Quality and robustness are at the heart of our solutions and each one available has gone through rigorous testing and validation to ensure its capable of delivering for our customers.  We only work with software that we are confident will withstand business technology changes such as core product upgrades and review the solutions we offer on a regular basis.  You can have the confidence that if we suggest an application, we have checked out the technology behind it to deliver security, durability and usability. 

  • Deployment of your solution

Today, every business has multiple options in the way they roll out their technology. The answer will be based on that company’s unique set of requirements and the people inhouse looking after their systems.

At Datel, we deliver choices based on listening to your needs and suggesting the deployment options that we believe will work best for you.

Whether you’re set on a public hosted solution, a private cloud deployment or a traditional on-premise product, the Datel team can listen to your needs and delve into your requirements to offer our advice. We partner with technology and hosting expert Datel Advansys, who have knowledge and expertise in a range of deployments, to provide IT infrastructure as well as private and hybrid cloud solutions.

  • Delivery and support to match the solution

All our solutions are backed up by our Delivery and Support Services to ensure that they are implemented and supported in a way that gets you up and running in the right way.

Delivery at Datel starts with providing the best project managers and applications consultants that understand your technology requirements and how to build your solution for success.  Our teams are guided by proven methodologies and a culture of customer service and continual improvement.  They are driven by a desire to play their part in enabling your business success.

Support is all about you having the knowledge that a dedicated team of product experts is on the other end of the phone if things don’t go to plan.  We also offer several additional support services that can take more of a proactive role in your system management, freeing up your own teams to focus on business success.  Our focus on transparency gives you the confidence that we deliver to our service agreements and to the highest of standards and we have no problem with sharing the feedback we receive live on the website.