Jupiter Group talks to us about their ambitions


“One of the real benefits for Sage is that we can run multiple companies off the same system. So everything that we do, everywhere we go from an accounting point of view… can be controlled from this office.”


- Mark Tweddle, Managing Director, Jupiter Group




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Get back wasted time: Executive strategies to grow your business

This report from Sage and IDG reveals how you can be smarter with your time to drive business change. Follow the steps to identify your problem areas, determine your business priorities and discover how to get your time back to focus on achieving your business ambitions.

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Playdale achieving their ambitions


“There are many features within the Sage software that have made a fantastic difference to us, in functions ranging from lead generation to stock manufacture. It’s given us a 360-degree view of our business and has helped us to stay firmly in control as our product range develops and grows in size and complexity.”


- Barry Leahey, Sales & Marketing Director, Playdale Playgrounds Ltd