by Datel

5 things you should know about ERP resellers

You’ve done your research, you’ve selected your ERP solution, you know – and, more importantly, understand the vendor’s development roadmap.

You know what the system can do, and what it’s set to become.

But you might not know how your chosen system is to become the solution your business needs it be.

Enter reseller - otherwise known as buisness partner or strategic partner.

Resellers offer a range of benefits that can transform a flat-pack ERP system into a near made-to-measure solution built around the needs of your business:

1) Teamwork makes the dream work

ERP software is ‘out-of-the-box’ – it’s designed and developed for a diverse range of industries and sectors. A system might fulfil ninety-five percent of your operational requirements only to miss the remaining four percent as no system will fully accommodate the needs of your business - short of developing a bespoke solution at substantial cost.

An established reseller can modify your chosen ERP solution to accommodate that remaining four percent – four percent that could bring untold competitive advantages and resource-saving efficiencies across your business.

The take away: resellers adapt, enhance and implement your chosen ERP - they make it work for your business.

2) Vendors sell solutions, resellers establish relationships

A responsive reseller isn’t just interested in a one-time deployment – they want to provide an ongoing service specifically adapted to your business. An effective reseller will look to fine-tune the engine behind your operation, from finance management to distribution methodologies.

And as your business grows and diversifies, a receptive reseller will guide the development of your ERP solution to ensure it stays in step with your ambitions.

Remember: the introduction of an ERP partner isn’t exclusive to implementation stage, as your existing solution – whether implemented in-house or by an existing or previous partner – can be modified after the fact, meaning a reseller can extend the lifespan of your system and reap further returns on your initial investment.

3) Add on new functionality

In addition to directly modifying an ERP system, a reseller might offer a selection of complementary software and add-ons specifically designed to bring additional functionality to your chosen solution. Add-ons can supercharge your business intelligence without drastically modifying your software.

Functionality introduced by add-ons is nearly limitless, ranging from apps to access mission-critical information on the go or add-ons that automate repetitive tasks. And as resellers naturally develop their complementary product portfolios, your business will be positioned to take advantage of new, cutting-edge developments to push the power of your ERP software.

4) Research-driven development

Like any business, a responsive reseller will continually seek feedback from customers about their services. Naturally, their understanding of your business can only improve over time. If your ERP solution isn’t quite up to scratch, a reseller can research and develop complementary products and solutions accordingly - a far cry from a static, standalone solution purchased directly from an ERP vendor.

A reseller can also respond to your business needs over the long term. A solution deployed for a six-person business now may not be suitable five years and 50 employees later.

A diligent, communicative reseller will continually assess and respond to these needs, and suggest and implement solutions accordingly.

5) A partnership of support

Resellers aren’t just experts in implementation. Like any software solution, users can encounter issues they don’t expect within their ERP system. Quality matters - but scale matters, too. An ERP reseller with a small support function will likely take longer to respond to an urgent enquiry.

Should an issue arise, a reseller’s support function can rapidly rectify the problem to ensure continuation of service with minimal downtime or disruption. To complement this, resellers may offer managed services, providing ongoing administrative support for your ERP system, from the creation of user accounts to account restoration.

Don't underestimate the importance of the right partner

Regardless of whether you’re pre- or post-implementation – or somewhere in between – an effective reseller can enhance every aspect of your ERP experience.

Poor ERP implementation can quickly eliminate cost-saving efficiencies. An effective reseller will not only understand your business and implement as near to a made-to-measure solution as possible, but also help identify potential improvements throughout every facet of your operation.

As with all good partnerships, the relationship with your reseller should be based on trust, transparency and integrity - that's why a prospective reseller that claims to provide a solution perfectly adapted to the needs of your business should be diligently assessed.

Whether you're looking to implement a solution or you're looking for a new reseller, get in touch with one of our Sage experts below to find out how we can help you fulfil your business ambitions.