by Tim Purcell
   R&D Director

5 ways your business could be using Fusion Excel Connect

Fusion Excel Connect was launched by Datel’s R&D team in 2018 and has since become the most adopted Fusion product by Datel’s Sage 200, Sage 1000 and Sage Enterprise Management customers.  The Excel based application enables easy and intuitive data entry into Sage from within the familiar environment of Excel, building efficiency and saving time.

The flexibility of application and the sheets available to be used means Fusion Excel Connect is being used by customers in many different ways. Here are five examples of how business are putting Excel Connect to use:


1. Nominal Ledger (NL) entry

This is the most popular Excel Connect sheet used by customers. As the main hub of data your users can enter transactions into the fields of Excel, manipulate the data and the push it into the NL at the click of a button. When your users are not sure what data needs to be entered into a particular field, pick lists based on either Sage data or your own customisable lists can be added to limit their choices and ensure that your data is consistent with your business rules.

2. Cash Allocation

This Excel Connect sheet allows the user to enter payments and allocate the payment to invoices in the system. For example, if you sell goods through a channel market place such as Amazon or eBay and receive a report of payments – this can be an extremely time consuming process to enter it into Sage. Instead of keying each payment in and then finding and allocating it to the correct invoice in Sage, with Excel Connect you can simply load the payment information into Excel and the Excel Connect functionality will match the payments to the correct invoice. All your users need to do is post the recommendations into Sage with the click of an Excel Connect button, potentially saving them hours of effort.

3. Product data manipulation

Managing a variety of products is made easier with the ability to download the stock list into the Excel Connect sheet based on customisable criteria and manipulate the data. Whether you are increasing prices, changing product descriptions or updating product codes, this saves time and effort as Excel features such as copy and paste can be utilised. Plus, you have control over the layout used by your users so you can design a sheet layout to suit their needs. If one user doesn’t need to see pricing information you can leave this off their layout while another user can have this data visible.

4. Purchase and sales invoice

Avoid entering each sales and purchase invoices into Sage one-by-one through using the Excel Connect Sales and Purchase Invoice sheets. The data can be entered into the Excel sheet and then validated and entered into Sage with one click. For example if you manually track expenses, why not capture the information in a spreadsheet and have this mapped to the purchase ledger in Sage, treating your employees as suppliers and posting their expenses through Excel Connect, saving lots of repeat data entry.

5. Exchange rate management

If you have to keep your Sage system up to date with exchange rates, rather than your users constantly monitoring web sites for updated rates, why not connect Excel to an exchange rate service and post the updates directly into Sage. Excel Connect can connect to some of the most popular exchange rate services such as Bank of England, and Oanda and at the click of a button can download the latest rates for your selected currencies and post them into Sage with a second click. And, because Excel Connect supports Excel formulas you can build in your own calculations for tolerances and map these into Sage instead of the raw data.

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Fusion Excel Connect integrates seamlessly with your Sage solution to allow users to enter data into Excel, then upload it directly into Sage at the press of a button. It even checks and validates the data against Sage’s constraints - so you don’t have to.

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