27th November 2020

A clear view

Insights from Nectari will help pet food manufacturer make data-driven decisions

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that businesses need to better prepare for and respond to uncertainty. We spoke to Julie Palmer-Davies, Financial Controller at Cambrian Pet Foods, about how Nectari will allow them to do just that.     

Cambrian Pet Foods is a leading UK-based manufacturer of pet food, supplying both the domestic and international industry. Already a Datel client, they are happily using Sage 200, but needed a data analysis solution that matched their business ambitions.  

“We can download a lot of information from Sage but have to manipulate it every time. Because we were using external support to do that it wasn’t viable long term. We needed an in-house analysis tool.” 

A powerful reporting tool 

Now available for Sage 200 users, Nectari, is authored by Tangerine Software based in Canada.  The solution is well known with Datel’s Sage X3 as Sage Enterprise Intelligence. It’s a powerful reporting and analytics tool that seamlessly integrates with Sage, producing responsive dashboards, robust reporting and Excel based live data reporting. The beauty of Nectari is how reports can be tailored to generate exactly the insights your business needs, allowing management teams to make intelligent decisions based on real-time information.  


Insights straight to your inbox 

Tangerine Software’s solution has been implemented for many of our Sage X3 customers and Cambrian Pet Foods were the first to adopt the reporting capabilities alongside Sage 200. It’s clear to Julie the benefit the new tool will bring and she’s excited to get the implementation underway.  

Nectari is going to be a big time saver for us, especially the reports sent directly as email to those that need the insight.”