Ambition through innovation

Connect 2019 is almost here and we are looking forward to welcoming attendees to the event where business ambition turns into action and becomes achievement. Throughout the conference, exhibition and networking dinner, attendees will be able to meet and network with other industry leaders, product specialists and development partners.

There will be many products and solutions for you to experience at the show, including our Fusion product range located in the Fusion Connect Lounge. Our Fusion range has been developed to work with core Sage solutions to bring the power of existing systems even closer in line with business needs. As head of product development at Datel, Tim Purcell, R&D Director and his team will be on hand to take you through the solutions and how they could fit in with your business needs. Tim has been at Datel for over 19 years and his area of the business is responsible for researching new technologies and developing practical solutions that will provide Datel’s customers with a competitive edge. Tim is always immersed in the technology industry as a whole, looking for new technologies that will break down barriers and deliver innovative solutions.

See below which solutions will be available for demonstration at the event:

Fusion Excel Connect

Fusion Excel Connect was launched by Datel’s R&D team in 2016 and has since become the most adopted Fusion product by Datel’s Sage 200, Sage 1000 and Sage Enterprise Management customers. The Excel-based application enables easy and intuitive data entry into Sage from within the familiar environment of Excel, building efficiency and saving time. The flexibility of application and the sheets available to be used means Fusion Excel Connect is being used by customers in many different ways including cash allocation, invoicing and data manipulation.

Fusion Currency Connect

Datel has introduced Fusion Currency Connect to help customers keep their Sage system up to date with exchange rates, rather than users constantly monitoring web sites for updated rates. Fusion Currency Connect can be linked to popular exchange rate services such as Bank of England, and Oanda and will post the updates directly into Sage. At a click of a button, you can download the latest rates of your selected international currencies, as well as build your own calculations for tolerances and map these into Sage instead of raw data.

Fusion Notify

Fusion Notify is an automatic notification system that allows organisations to make timely decisions based on data stored in its systems. It generates simple alerts and ensures that decision makers never miss an event or situation defined as having a significant impact on the business. Through email notifications, Fusion Notify can be activated not just by a change within financial data, but also in areas such as material requirements planning and customer relationship management.

Fusion Enhancer

Fusion Enhancer provides the platform to quickly produce data entry forms, complex browse options and reports that all link to existing Sage forms. This additional functionality allows you to deploy customisations to your user base through the familiar Sage environment. Fusion Enhancer enables you to create tailor made browse screens and searches using advanced search builder. This additional browse functionality can be attached to a Sage system to replace or supplement existing searches.

Fusion Capture

Designed exclusively for Sage Enterprise Management, Fusion Capture is a flexible barcoding and warehouse management system with adaptability at its core, providing a low-cost, easy-to-implement solution tailored to the needs of your business. Improved stock accuracy, removal of paper-based systems and increased flexibility and efficiency are some of the benefits that this modular warehouse management solution can deliver for users.

Fusion Automation

Fusion Automation allows users to respond to constant demands, improve process speed and reaction time, by automating repetitive tasks in Sage applications. Fusion Automation conducts frequently used and time-consuming processes such as work order completion, printing of picking lists, allocating stock or filling out purchase orders, without the need for manual data input. Increased productivity and improved customer service ensures key Sage tasks are less prone to user error.

 At Connect 2019, our R&D Director, Tim Purcell will also be showcasing the innovative qualities of our Fusion products. The team will be demonstrating how Microsoft Powerapps solution combined with Fusion can create a barcode scanning app which feeds back directly to our CRM solution. The application of Blockchain will be discussed, looking at the challenges around supply chain management, accountability, traceability, availability of information and ultimately seeing if Blockchain is the solution for these problems. Additionally, AI and the use of bots will be explored, highlighting how they are being used as a mechanism to remove the degree of human interaction and automate processes. Tim will also open discussions on Alexa and demonstrate how it can be programmed to start workflows and approve purchase orders using voice and AI.

Technology is evolving at a rapid speed and finding new ways to assist our solutions is really important, however, where should businesses draw the line with intelligence?

Register your place by filling out the form or visit our Connect 2019 page for more information. 

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