ATG meets its ERP match

Sage X3’s multi-company features enable global company to scale

30th June 2021

When you’re a large company trading all over the world, you need a system that can keep up. We spoke to Matt Cox, Commercial Manager, about their big move over to Sage X3 and how the investment will help them grow at a sustainable pace.

ATG International are a sourcing specialist - supplying a range of components to a variety of industries including mining, construction, agriculture and transportation. The company has divisions across the globe, sourcing quality controlled products at the best prices.


With challenge comes opportunity 

ATG have been running for ten years, with Matt joining in January 2020, just before the effects of the pandemic hit the UK. For them, the events of 2020 weren't too disruptive, even providing them opportunities, as Matt explained; “Although seeing a downturn in orders, our financial stability enabled us to work on process and procedure efficiencies, including parked projects that will bring benefits to our customers.” 

The nature of their business means ATG have complex supply chains and goods requiring tracking, which their existing Sage 200 system was not set up for. So after reviewing the market, ATG approached Datel excited to see the capabilities of Sage X3. Our pre-sales team conducted various discovery and demonstration-based sessions with ATG to ensure X3 was the right fit for them. Matt knew they’d met their match when they were presented with X3’s multi-company and foreign legislation capabilities, providing the business with efficiencies they didn’t know were possible.  

The team is also impressed with the excellent reporting dashboard that X3 provides, and the ability to view accurate information in real-time will be invaluable. For Matt, the new Sage X3 ERP system will make his work much easier; “By bringing together our various workflows into one central repository we’ll have clearer visibility of our global logistics across the entire company.”   

Growing at the right pace 

ATG have big plans for growth and Sage X3 is at the centre, as Matt explains;

“A big sell of Sage X3 is the scalability. We can deploy the system to new divisions and new countries easily. At the moment when we add a new division, we need to employ more people to manage it. X3 will be able to do a lot of that work automatically, without the extra headcount. This way we can scale efficiently.” 

Due to the large size of our consultancy team at Datel, go live has been set for August 2021, and the ability to have X3 integrated so quickly is one of the key reasons why ATG chose to partner with Datel for the project. Scoping, like much of the integration will be done remotely, which is more of a benefit than an issue for Matt; “In a recent consultation session with Datel, we had more in attendance virtually than we could have got in a meeting room. Having more people on board from the start will be beneficial in the long term, and video conference allows for that.” 

As the project moves forward, we are looking forward to catching up with Matt and the team and seeing how Sage X3 has met their expectations and where it takes them next.