Customer feedback – the vital factor in our drive to continuous improvement

Customer feedback – the vital factor in our drive to continuous improvement

Online reviews have become a fact of life, with new review sites appearing daily to let the consumer see at a glance how others rate the car, restaurant or holiday they’re thinking of purchasing.


At Datel, we actively encourage our customers to tell us about their experience of Customer Support, and we’re not afraid to share this online for all to see.

We systematically collate customers’ feedback via an email survey after an issue has been resolved and the support ticket closed. This is reviewed to ensure that our customers consistently receive the appropriate level of support, as set out in the Datel Customer Support Handbook. We take any perceived shortfall in our service very seriously indeed. The results are then published – anonymously, of course – on our website.


We can't think of any other Sage Business Partner that is so transparent about their performance.


If you go to the Support section of our website, you'll see a summary of the feedback results from the previous five days covering four main aspects:

  • Initial response

  • Update frequency

  • Technical knowledge

  • Closure feedback.


You'll also find the average scores over the last 30 days in bar chart format.

We welcome all customers’ comments. The three we’ve received most recently, at the time of writing, are the following:

  • “Thanks again Karen”

  • “Excellent response as usual”

  • “Very quick and efficient by Joe as always.”

If we ever needed inspiration, our customers certainly provide it!

Datel Support - key facts


  • The Datel Support Team covers Sage 200, Sage Line 500/Sage 1000, Sage X3, Sage CRM and Saleslogix, as well as Datel’s Fusion products

  • While each member of our 34-strong UK office-based team is dedicated to a particular Sage solution, all are cross-trained to provide a knowledgeable response even at peak times

  • Over 1,000 customers depend on Datel for Sage support

  • The Customer Support team receives over 2,400 Sage support calls every month

  • On average, the initial response time is consistently less than 30 minutes

  • Customers continually rate their satisfaction with Datel Customer Support at 97-98%.

We don’t stop supporting our customers at Datel and we’re confident that our experts will ensure that you are more than happy with our services. We publish up-to-date customer feedback scores, which can be viewed here.

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