Customer Support Services

December 2020 update

8th January 2021

Our Customer Support Consultants finished 2020 on a high and have achieved another month of excellent results. Take a look at some of the stats and customer feedback from December.


  • Initial response time to tickets logged

    - 60.8% within 10 minutes

    - 24.7% between 10 and 30 minutes

         - 13.9% between 30 minutes and 2 hours

         - 0.5% over 2 hours

  • Average customer satisfaction score

    - 98%

  • Tickets opened vs closed

- 3,061 tickets opened

- 3,174 tickets closed

  • Customer feedback

"Tremendous support from Richard. Was able to help me solve my quotation layout issues. I’m very impressed with Datel support. Response is fast"

- Support Customer 08/12/2020

"Graham was very helpful and determined to resolve the problem. Fixed the issue on the 1st phone call and explained what caused it. Super helpful."

- Support Customer 16/12/2020

"I cannot commend Joe highly enough. He took ownership of the issue, resolved it and then emailed the solution/ explanation to me in great detail that enabled me to see the issue and the resolution."

- Support Customer 22/12/2020

For more information, check out Sage Support from Datel or take a look at the latest feedback from our customers, updated every 15 minutes.