2nd October 2020

Customer Support Services

September 2020 update

September was another busy month for our customer support team. Here's what they’ve achieved and the fantastic feedback left by our customers.

  • Initial response time to tickets logged

71.9% within 10 minutes

12% between 10 and 20 minutes

6.7% between 20 and 30 minutes

6.2% between 30 minutes and 1 hour

2.8% between 1 and 2 hours

0.2% over 2 hours

  • Average customer satisfaction score

98% - The average of our four key areas of feedback:

99% initial response

99% technical knowledge

96% update frequency

97% closure feedback

  • Tickets opened vs closed

3,302 and 3,312 tickets closed.

  • Customer feedback

"Fantastic support by walking the users through what they need to do to prevent this reoccurring – Sharing knowledge and supporting customers – Many thanks."

- Support Customer 01/09/2020

"Had a brilliant support experience with Joe. Extremely knowledgeable and explained the issue thoroughly. Stayed with me throughout to ensure the problem had been resolved and all was ok. Extremely impressed."

- Support Customer 02/09/2020

"Kathleen showed me how I could cycle through each supplier when making the changes saving me additional time. Very helpful. Thanks."

- Support Customer 04/09/2020

"Absolutely chuffed to bits all my questions and changes were done in just one morning, I was prepared for a lot of back and forth and it was really easy to explain what I needed to achieve and be understood."

 - Support Customer 22/09/2020

For more information, check out Sage Support from Datel or take a look at the latest feedback from our customers, updated every 15 minutes.