Datel Collaboration Network event: Reporting

Datel Collaboration Network event: Reporting

Datel’s Collaboration Network is a series of networking events that give Datel’s customers and non-customers alike the opportunity to meet and interact with likeminded people, with a focus on a specific topic at each event. Bringing businesses together in this way allows us to listen, share and discuss best practice and business challenges, and give you input into future technology at Datel.

Datel’s most recent Collaboration Network event was held at our Warrington office headquarters on Wednesday 29th June, with the discussion focused on sharing views on how best to utilise business reporting solutions.

A number of Datel’s customers from businesses within the Distribution, Accountancy, Consultancy, Clothing & Footwear and various other industries attended June’s event, with Tim Purcell, Datel’s R&D Director, leading the roundtable discussion. This gives Tim and his team in particular the opportunity to gain valuable insight and generate ideas for future product development, based on real users’ needs.

Talking points

As part of two separate discussions, held before and after lunch, delegates were able to:

  • Discuss the benefits and drawbacks of specific reporting solutions

  • Offer details on what they would like to see included in reporting software

  • Learn about similar sized organisations' reporting strategies and how these may be beneficial

  • Share their own reporting strategies and gain professional feedback from Datel

  • Analyse the benefits and drawbacks of in-house and outsourced reporting solutions

  • Gain advice on how to successfully deploy reporting solutions business-wide.

Darren Saint, one of our Account Development Managers, attended the event in Warrington to support delegates both during and after the event.

Speaking about the success of the event, he said: “The afternoon was productive for all involved. The feedback and general consensus from our customers was that users are much more open to using a best-of-breed approach when it comes to reporting, as there’s no single tool that fits all requirements – so, it becomes a matter of using multiple systems.

“For example, delegates either had - or liked the idea of having - a workflow application such as Datel’s own in-house developed product Fusion Notify, to manage proactive reports. Then, they would like to complement this by adding tools such as Excel and A La Carte for financial reporting; this was extended further to provide sales analysis and dashboard reporting through tools such as QlikView, SQL reporting services and Panintelligence.

“The delegates and representatives from Datel all got a lot out of the event and there were definitely some budding ideas we’re looking forward to developing in the near future.”

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