Datel partners with Skynamo to bring sales mobility to Sage users

We’re pleased to announce our new partnership with Cloud-based mobile sales software provider Skynamo who share our view on the world that technology is there to empower the ambitions of the customers that we serve.

Skynamo use mobile, location and cloud technology to streamline sales activity, perfect for field sales representatives.

For Datel customers, this means improved efficiency and performance through streamlined processes and the ability to focus on what’s important in their business.

Brian Howe, Alliances Director at Skynamo, comments: “We’ve developed a fantastic working relationship with the Datel team and share common values and ambitions, which bodes well for this partnership. We are genuinely excited about joining forces with Datel to extend this offering to their customer base”.

The announcement with Skynamo is a further illustration of Datel’s commitment to help our customers realise the ambitions of their business by putting ourselves in their shoes, knowing that no two businesses have the same requirements.

There is clear value of expanding the core functionality of our customers Sage solutions through complementary products and which is why we are excited about working with Skynamo. The easier it is to integrate Sage solutions with external systems, the greater the opportunity to use the software in a way that supports the ambitions of the business.

At its absolute core, technology is there to make life easier, helping you stay one step ahead of the competition. It’s that simple and the combination of Datel and Skynamo is technology excellence at its absolute best.

Andrew Pritchard, Managing Director at Datel, comments: “...We encourage our customers who have teams of field sales representatives to consider Skynamo as a way to not only improve their sales effectiveness and revenue, but also as a way to increase adoption and use of Sage from within their organisation.”
Skynamo and Datel

Left to right: Emma Pownall (Datel), Nick Swabrick (Datel), Brian Howe (Skynamo), Julian Diaz (Skynamo), Paolo Arcangelo (Datel), Grace Canning (Datel), Darren Saint (Datel).


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