Datel’s annual turnover hits £20 million mark

Datel’s annual turnover hits £20 million mark

At Datel’s recent annual Company Meeting, Executive Chairman Alan Simpson revealed that the company’s annual turnover had surpassed the £20 million mark for the first time since Datel’s inception in 1981.

Commenting on the company’s performance Alan said: “Datel has been growing steadily over the last eight years in particular, from a combination of acquisitions of customer bases and organic growth. Our financial year ending May 2016 was a significant milestone for us when we achieved a turnover of £20 million.

“I remember many years ago when it was a proud moment that we passed the £1 million turnover mark - I had no idea then that we would top £20 million.”

Alan also shared his thoughts on how and why he believes Datel has reached this impressive milestone.

“The consistent feedback we get is that even though we operate as a large company, it never feels that way to our customers,” he said. “The personal approach is something we always pride ourselves on, and our values of transparency and honesty can be found in every member of the team here. In their feedback, customers often comment on the consultative, listening approach we bring to their project, rather than giving them the hard sell.

Alan Simpson presenting

“We work with very ambitious customers, keen to manage their growth, and we always go to great lengths to ensure that we fully understand their business, their processes and the issues they are facing.

“It’s definitely the winning combination of our people, our technical expertise and our investment in training and development that have built Datel into such a successful position over the years.”

Discussing how he envisions Datel’s future development unfolding, Alan added: “We’re absolutely committed to maintaining the consistent excellence in solution development, project management and customer service that we have achieved to date.

Alan concludes: “Thank you so much to all of our customers and great staff who have helped us to achieve this milestone. As always, we will continue to invest in new products and services to achieve our constant goal of further growth.”