Datel’s Marketing Director named in CRN’s Women in Channel A-List

The CRN Women in Channel A-List 2019 is a roll call of female leaders in the channel industry who are supporting CRN’s drive to champion best practice in bringing together the leading lights in our industry, and we are delighted that our Marketing Director, Emma Pownall has made the A-List!

Emma Pownall has held a marketing position at Datel for over 10 years and was invited to the board of directors in 2016. Emma is responsible for connecting businesses who are progressing technology projects with experts in Sage solutions and showcasing the ambitious businesses that Datel has the pleasure of working with.

Emma is focused on supporting other women within the technology industry and Datel through mentorship, guidance and advocating equal opportunities within technology businesses.


What can we do as individuals to help the industry become more diverse?

Individuals, both male and female within the IT industry, in senior positions can encourage younger people to speak up, have the confidence to express their views and ask for support. Enabling mentorship and coaching, offering visibility and guidance and showcasing that there are multiple career paths available. Offering events, publications and networking and the time to go to these things is also important so that a diverse workforce can be developed for the future of the IT industry.

What is the one thing you would do to encourage more women into the IT sector?

Within more established segments of the IT industry, I believe we need to give more visibility of the diversity of roles on offer and how women can contribute to them. Offering support and guidance for women wanting to continue their career and start a family is also critical. It is very hard to see that other women can have both a career and be a devoted mother. More women speaking up and sharing their experiences can encourage others that it is challenging but totally an option. Shifting perceptions to enable men to better support their families with flexible working and acceptance of shared parental leave can also assist women within the industry to maintain their careers, ensuring we don’t lose those talented people because they don’t have the support required to continue.

What are your three top tips for women looking to start a career in IT?

  1. Have confidence in your abilities and focus on continual improvement
  2. Shout about what you are good at – don’t feel it’s someone else’s job to showcase your talents
  3. Build a network of supportive people, keep in touch and don’t be afraid to ask for their support

Why do you support CRN’s Women in Channel campaign?

I believe that the more women in leadership positions that are open about the challenges they face, others will increasingly see what is possible. Having a rewarding career is important to so many women within the IT sector and it can often feel like you are one of very few women.

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