Datel's Research and Development Ambition

Research and development is key to Datel supporting the ambitions of its customers. We collaborate with the businesses we support to develop products that give them what they need to realise their aspirations.

We want to translate new technologies and apply them to the businesses we support throughout the UK, turning cutting-edge ideas into real-world results. Identifying what matters to them and helping them to achieve that goal supported by a dedicated team of software engineers is one the pillars of what Datel does.

Tim Purcell talks about what ambition means to him in his role as Datel’s R&D Director and his aspirations for the future.

What’s your ambition story?

We work tirelessly to develop solutions that support the ambitions of our customers - that's why we're running a competition to find Britain's most ambitious business. We want to know what fuels the ambitions of UK businesses.  

Every ambition is different - but they're all about wanting to do more.

It may be how your business got started, to the challenges you face to turn that ambition into a reality. It could be about something special you’re doing today - or about your aspirations for the future.

We want to hear your story - and where your drive to achieve it has taken you.

You can click below to share your own story, or nominate a person that your feel demonstrates ambition whose example deserves to be heard.

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