Dressed for success

Sage 200 is the perfect fit for branded clothing company 

9th April 2021

Clothes2Order produces custom branded clothing for uniformsevents or sports – printed or embroidered with customer logos and designs. The rapidly growing company employs over 150 people and has officially outgrown Sage 50. We spoke to Finance Manager, Michelle Harris about their pandemic pivot and how Sage 200 is the perfect fit for them. 

Now is the ideal time to invest in a new system 

The finance team at Clothes2Order has been using Sage 50 for some time and although they knew the system needed updating, the pandemic and increased working from home hastened the move. For Michelle, she was keen for something that would create efficiencies, adding; ‘we needed to invest and upgrade to a larger, scalable solution that was hosted in the cloud’.  

Michelle was initially keen to look at Sage X3, but after discussions with Tom James at Datel, Sage X3 was soon ruled out as an unnecessary investment for what they needed; “I loved X3, but with only three people in the team that would be using it, now is not the time for that sort of large project.” It was then that Tom introduced Michelle to Sage 200, and she was impressed by many of the useful features and its capacity for transactions. Being Sage cloud hosted was also a big selling point, avoiding the downtime or maintenance issues associated with running their own server.  

Innovation during a pandemic 

As Clothes2Order grows, having the capacity for more transactions is going to be needed. And whilst 2020 brought its challenges, some pandemic initiatives have given them a huge boost. As well as being able to provide workwear for the NHS throughout the crisis, Clothes2Order partnered with Alder Hey hospital to bring to market sustainable, clinically designed facemasks. They launched a new website, Brilliant Masksto sell the face coverings with a proportion of profits going back to the hospital, and have so far donated over £50,000!    

Integrating a new system from home 

It’s still early in the integration of Sage 200 and Michelle and her team at Clothes2Order are about to embark on the first planning consultation. Usually this would be done in-house, but due to the current situation it will be over video conference. Michelle isn’t concerned about this however; “We will be setting the details and timescales soon and working from home means I'm actually better able to dedicate the time and focus the project needs, without the typical office distractions.” 

The team at Datel are excited to get stuck into planning Clothes2Order’s Sage 200 integration, and can’t wait to see how it’ll help this innovative company continue to grow. Watch this space.