Driving quick ROI: the benefits of flexible business management software

Driving quick ROI: the benefits of flexible business management software

Maximising any IT investment made by your business is absolutely crucial. Relying on a proven software implementation methodology to accelerate deployment, and using reliable metrics to measure progress, are just two ways to ensure you're on track to securing a ROI that facilitates your business’s growth plans.

This is especially applicable your business’s ERP system. This information hub is effectively the glue holding together integral, accurate data on all areas of your business; the data that allows you to make the informed business decisions that will ultimately drive growth and performance. It’s therefore essential that this piece of crucial software is able to quickly and efficiently provide your business with a rapid and successful ROI.

How to get started

Sage’s ROI Improvement Guide can guide you through the process of how to find your business’s own ERP ROI.

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Following this, to gain a more in-depth insight, you can start building your own business case for ERP and generate an ROI report for your business using Datel’s ERP Diagnosis App.

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Sage X3

Datel’s Sage X3 Seminar

Sage X3 is a global ERP software solution for enterprise-class businesses, designed specifically to accelerate performance for growing businesses and provide a quick and measurable ROI.

A Sage X3 seminar, led by Datel’s own Sage X3 experts, can help you to find out in more detail about how the features of Sage X3 could help your growing business.

Find out more about our upcoming seminars and register:

Datel Warrington, 1st November, 9:00am-1:30pm

Datel London, 3rd November, 9:00am-1:30pm