Empower staff with Fusion Go!: the mobile app for Sage

Empower staff with Fusion Go!: the mobile app for Sage

The effect that mobility is having on businesses is significant. The flexibility of mobile technology has made it possible for more workers to become mobile, meaning that the number of remote, travelling and home workers has increased. In turn, the demand for mobile access to core business systems has increased, to enable workers to access the information and tools they need to perform their jobs as effectively as possible, wherever they’re based on any given day.

Introducing Fusion Go!

Fusion Go! is a mobile app designed to make life easier for businesses using Sage software.

Fusion Go! gives Sage users access to essential data on your customer base, business prospects and product range, with up-to-the-minute accuracy wherever in the world you may be.

This specially-designed app enables more efficient, streamlined and secure access to the data held in your business’ Sage Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, empowering your sales staff and key players in your business to make decisions on the move.



Fusion Go on mobile phone
Fusion Go on mobile phone

Features and benefits

Fusion Go! is designed specifically to provide a user-friendly interface that lends itself to quick, easy and simple navigation. This includes:

  • Drill-down details of:
    • Customer contact information – up-to-date telephone numbers, email addresses and business addresses for key individual business contacts
    • Credit information – details on customers’ credit limits and payment terms
    • Aged debt – visual graphs, tables and charts clearly display accrued debt for individual accounts, by calendar month
    • Account memos and notes – the latest important memos and notes added by other app users, available in real-time
    • Financial invoices and transactions – current and historical transactions displayed in an organised table.
  • Hyperlinking functionality on all postcodes, email addresses and phone numbers, enabling an instant connection from the app to your device’s map function, email account and dial pad
  • Up-to-date warehouse stock breakdown of your products at any time
  • Search for products within your database either by product code or description
  • Data available offline once it has been pre-searched, so that even in offline mode, data is still available.

Fusion Go! is free to download to your iPhone on a trial basis. In order to link the app with your business’ Sage data, there is a charge on a per user, per month basis. Download the app here >

Commenting on the development of Fusion Go!, Tim Purcell, Datel’s R&D Director, said: “At Datel’s Collaboration Network event last year, we demonstrated a proof-of-concept of Fusion Go! which, at the time, was something we had been simply experimenting with and was still very much in the development stages.

“The concept drew the attention of quite a few attendees, with one business using Sage 200 particularly taken with its proposed features and the benefits it could bring to their business. We collaborated with this business throughout the remainder of the development process; listening to their feedback from a user perspective and building Fusion Go! as an intuitive mobile app.

“The entire development process has been an exciting challenge for Datel’s R&D team, and a great example of how we continue to evolve our department based on the needs of our customers.”

Fusion Go on mobile phone