ERP HEAD to Head - Q&A with Auction Technology Group

In 2018, Auction Technology Group (ATG) attended the UK’s leading ERP event, ERP Head to Head, on its search for an enterprise solution that could streamline business processes. ERP Head to Head brings together leading vendors and prospects to discuss and review the latest industry management solutions.

ATG is a private equity backed technology company that connects global audiences of online bidders to the widest range of public auctions. It provides a digital marketplace for specialised vertials, and offers a diverse product proposition spanning across various stages of the auction lifecycle.

We caught up with Huma Wahid, Finance Systems and Project Consultant, ATG to discuss her experience at the show and how it helped ATG.

  • What made you attend ERP Head to Head last year?

As a business, we have many reporting requirements that are becoming increasingly more complex and challenging to manage. We were in need of a solution that would assist our reporting and help us to achieve our goals, hence why we decided to attend ERP Head to Head. We thought it would be a good location for us to observe several ERP systems all under one roof and find the one that would suit our business requirements.

  • Aside from Datel, were there any other solutions that caught your interest at the show?

Yes, we looked at a system called Workday ERP which was a strong contender. However after conducting further research we found that the solution would be too complex for our business requirements and wouldn't enable us to achieve our goals, which is crucial for us.

  • What made you decide to evaluate Sage Enterprise Management over the other solutions that were available at the show?

The decision to evaluate Sage Enterprise Management was easy. The solution was the best fit for the business and could be implemented quickly. There were several components of the solution that didn’t need to be heavily configured, which meant a significant amount of time would be saved.

  • Why did you decide to purchase through Datel?

One of the main reasons we decided to purchase through Datel was the instant reassurance we felt when we met them. The team were organised and knew exactly what our business needed. It was clear that they were extremely knowledgeable and they took a lot of care in producing a presentation that showcased how they could support our key business requirements.

  • How are you finding the solution?

We are currently mid implementation of the solution, and are undergoing product training. It will firstly be going live in the UK office in May, with a view to implement into our US office by July 2019.

  • Are there any other solutions you have purchased through your partnership with Datel?

Yes, on recommendation from Datel we have purchased Certify, an expense module that streamlines travel and expense reporting. We are excited to see how this will assist us and what benefits it will bring.

  • What are your future business goals and how is Datel supporting these?

We want to further develop and grow as a business. Datel’s solution will support us with new business and maintaining an efficient management process. Having one system that everyone can work from will save crucial time and streamline our processes for the better.

Datel exhibited at this years ERP Head to Head event on the 12-13th March 2019, showcasing Sage Enterprise Management. 


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