Evaluating the ERP marketplace: Finding the return on investment of a new ERP solution

Finding the return on investment (ROI) of a new ERP solution

When a business case is being put together, ROI is one of the key drivers for migrating to a new ERP solution. To enable a swift return, the key benefits of an improved ERP solution that can help include:

  • Retaining valuable business by providing better service
  • Capitalising on business information to avert risk and identify new opportunities
  • Absolute cost-savings by improving system processes increasing automation
  • Winning new business by cost-effectively reaching more prospects. 


Here are some examples of the potential improvements and efficiency savings businesses can expect to realise, from customer-facing functions through to back-office departments and on to the boardroom:

But, how can you accurately work out the net return a new ERP solution can bring to your business?

We have a number of tools that can help you through your buying and evaluation process. Datel has produced a free app for iPhones and iPads to help you create a business case for a new ERP solution, which includes example ROI calculators. The app is easy to use and delivers a report that’s specifically tailored to your company’s requirements. It can be accessed via the App Store.

We also have a comprehensive ERP Buying Toolkit that offers advice on evaluating the ERP market, what to expect from the buying process, and how to prepare for implementation.  If you would like a copy of the toolkit, complete the form below.

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