Exquisite care with love

Sage is the smart choice for new luxury care home brand

23rd June 2021

KYN is an exciting new company with big ambitions. We spoke to Rachel Smith, Director of IT and Gemma Bolton, Group HR & Marketing Director, about their choice of Sage, and what we can expect from their new breed of care homes.   

Elevating the industry

KYN was founded in 2019 with a very clear vision to provide unparalleled care imbued with love, respect, safety, and warmth in a place of exceptional comfort.  Based in London and the Southeast, every detail of a KYN home has been carefully considered to create an uplifting and enjoyable environment. Gemma explained: 

“It can be a really difficult decision for families to place a loved one into a care home. Our ethos is that it shouldn't feel like you're making a tough decision, and that our homes are actually life enriching and reflects our strapline - Exquisite Care with Love”

Making the right choices from the start 

Yet to open their first location, the team at KYN have been busy meticulously curating their team and processes. For Rachel, choosing the right financial system was high on the list of priorities. “I knew how good Sage was and I was keen for our CFO to see it. Sure enough he absolutely loved it so we selected it.” 

Rachel has extensive experience in care homes, and understands first-hand just how inefficient their processes can be. She has too often in the past seen examples where the same data would be loaded by different teams without communication between systems. Because of this, Rachel is explicit in her requirements, and has carefully sourced software and partners who can fully integrate with the others suppliers that KYN are selecting as they set up the business.   

“Sage will form part of this idea that everything is going to be integrated. It's going to be interfacing to our purchasing system, payroll and linking to BI tools so we can really visualise what's going on in the business.” 

Datel was the clear choice 

Rachel prefers the reseller route when procuring a new system, as a past customer of Datel’s with another care home business Rachel was keen to partner again.  “I wanted to work with Lucy again, my past experience was very positive and Lucy was an excellent Account Manager. The support from Datel is quick and efficient, which you don't always get if you go through a vendor directly.”  

The first home is due to open its doors in 2022, and until then the team will be busy. Scoping for Sage is in its early stages and the team have allowed nine months for the project to complete. What’s clear is that ‘care’ is at the forefront of their work, not just in their locations and service to residents, but in the attention they are putting into the team and processes before launch. This level of consideration is certainly going to help them excel in the long term.