Feature Focus: Fusion Go!

Feature Focus: Fusion Go!

In this edition of Feature Focus, we take a quick look at the core functionalities of Fusion Go! – an app developed specifically to enhance the ‘anywhere access’ functionality of your Sage 1000 and Sage 200 systems.

Net-powered instant access

Fusion Go! isn’t an extension or spin-off of your existing ERP system – it’s a direct, real-time portal to - and stock-critical information. Instantly access up-to-date data stored in Sage. What your system sees, you see – on the go.

No internet connection, no problem

Designed with an ‘anywhere access’ philosophy, Fusion Go! gets that you won’t always have access to an internet connection. To compensate, the app retains previously accessed data and eliminates the need for a constant connection to access information.

Information, anywhere

Partners, creditors, customers - Fusion Go! knows that if you’re on the go, you’re on the go to visit people. Fusion Go! is a customer-centric app, providing access to aged debt, customer contact details, invoices and account information, as you need it.

Intuitive information retrieval

Easy information access is only as effective as the presentation of the information – and the benefits of instant information access can be quickly offset by inefficient design. Powered by intuitive, easy-to-understand design language, Fusion Go! can provide information via graphs, tables and charts to make information as easy to read as it is to access.

Know on the go

Not only does Fusion Go! let you access information from your Sage system, it also provides access to the latest notes captured by your team. Information sourced from colleagues is only a button press away – for access when you need it most.

Fusion Go on mobile phone

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