Sage X3 passes with flying colours at GL Education Group

Sage X3 passes with flying colours at GL Education Group

5th March 2015

In seeking a reliable software platform to support business growth, GL Education Group, the UK’s leading provider of formative assessments for schools, chose a Sage ERP X3 solution from Datel.

Over 3 million UK pupils take the company’s tests every year and it has delivered over 7 million online tests to children worldwide. This means that the business generates a huge amount of data, which needs to be turned into management information.

Datel replaced previously separate systems for distribution and finance with a single, unified Sage ERP X3 solution, which also links to existing line-of-business applications. Having an integrated solution has eliminated duplicate data entry and strengthened business-wide reporting.

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“Sage ERP X3 makes it easier to manage our business and the people in it. We now have greater business insight and more flexible analysis to see what’s going on, and we can drill down to the underlying transactions to justify the balances that appear in the ledgers.”
Rob Dargue, Chief Financial Officer, GL Education Group