Holroyd Components chooses Datel for Sage 200 implementation

Holroyd Components chooses Datel for Sage 200 implementation

2nd March 2017

Holroyd Components Ltd have been manufacturers of industrial electric heating elements since 1972, specialising in the design and manufacture of bespoke flexible heater mats. This experience, along with high quality products and superior customer service, has made Holroyd Components Europe’s market leader in surface heating systems.

Ben Butcher, Chief Operating Officer at Holroyd Components, explains the circumstances which led the business to begin sourcing a new business management solution: “We’ve been running Sage Line 50 for a while now, and have been operating well over capacity in terms of current users."

“We’ve been looking around for a number of years for a new solution. At one point, we were considering getting a bespoke database solution from our IT provider because they have some expertise in that field.

“However, it was felt by a number of the team here that we should explore the options Sage had available, purely because we had been using Sage for so long. That’s why we started looking at the Sage 200 solution around a year ago, and following a comprehensive demonstration of the software by someone from Sage, it became clear that Sage 200 would be able to meet our requirements.

Discussing the process involved with tendering for a Sage Business Partner to implement Sage 200, Ben explains: “The project kicked off in July 2016, and we tendered out to seven different companies at the time, including Datel.

“Sage had sent us a local partner to discuss the project with, which wasn’t Datel – but it was always our intention to conduct due diligence regardless. We contacted a few other partners and ended up tendering out to seven businesses.

“Fundamentally, the reason why Datel was chosen was due to the confidence they gave us in their expertise. Datel’s team took the time to research what we required from a system, asking to see our process maps to understand why we were doing things the way we were.”

As part of their new business management software, Holroyd also required a solution to streamline their dispatching process, for which Datel implemented their Fusion Carrier Connect add-on product.

Ben explains: “At the moment we dispatch between 60 and 90 packages a day. In order to dispatch these, the team currently has to get all of their deliveries and invoices together, upload these addresses to a separate piece of software, and then check the labels before printing them off. Finally, the goods team labels up the boxes and the packages are ready.

“With Fusion Carrier Connect, the goods team can produce all of the labelling that they need immediately simply by dispatching the products through Sage 200, which will save hours of time.

“Now, our office team will be able to spend more time on market research, which is far more important to the future development of our business.

Summarising the business’s experiences of partnering with Datel and Sage for their ERP system, Ben concludes: “We’re definitely feeling confident in using Sage and Datel. We did compare Sage 200 with some other out-of-the-box solutions, but because we were using Sage Line 50 for quite a while, we know that Sage’s products can be relied on. Having explored the options with seven other companies, it’s clear that Datel is the partner that we need to see the project through.”

Andrew Pritchard, Sales Director at Datel, comments: “We are delighted to have been given the opportunity by Ben and the team at Holroyd Components to accompany them on their journey, as the business continues to grow and prosper. It’s great to see that Fusion Carrier Connect has also been able to provide the business with some much needed efficiencies in their dispatching processes.

“The team at Datel is currently managing this project and its implementation, and we’re very much looking forward to seeing it benefit Holroyd Components moving forwards.”

holroyd office screen
“With Fusion Carrier Connect, the goods team can produce all of the labelling that they need immediately simply by dispatching the products through Sage 200, which will save hours of time.”

Ben Butcher, Chief Operating Officer, Holroyd Components