by Executive Chairman
Alan Simpson

How Boodles continues to thrive

Boodles is a business that I am fascinated by and admire. After two centuries, the UK's leading fine-diamond jewellers continues to craft unforgettable, aspirational jewellery and is still viewed as a contemporary leading British business.

It’s clear that Boodles is a business that’s built on ambition. It’s because of the vision and drive to continually improve that the business continues to thrive as they approach their 220th birthday as a 6th-generation family endeavour.

It's been a privilege to support and witness Boodles’ growth and see their story go from strength to strength.

We sat down with Boodles Managing Director Michael Wainwright and Marketing Director James Amos to talk about ambition and what matters to them as they focus on the future of the jewellery brand and leaving a legacy for the next generations of their family.

It seems only natural that Boodles’ 220th birthday celebration would be as ambitious as they are. They’ve created a necklace that represents the vibrant past, present and future of Boodles, with a clasp that features the number 220 outlined in pink diamonds, with a single Ashoka-cut diamond.

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