How custom ERP notifications empower you to take control of your business

From financials and HCM to payroll and project accounting, your Sage system can process reams of complex data. With a notification add-on, you can track key changes within your business - but what does that mean for you?

Instant notifications from your ERP system give you the ability to stay on top of critical changes within your business. In turn, that insight unlocks a range of distinct benefits and empowers you to make the most of the information provided by your Sage system in a number of ways:

1) Rapidly respond to unexpected events

Instant notifications give you the ability to react immediately - all powered by pre-defined rules set by you. That means you’re able to effectively react to those unexpected events, which might include sudden fluctuations in stock levels or the status of a key order.

And with an effective notification add-on for your Sage system comes the ability to customise these notifications, ensuring employees only receive information relevant to their role.

2) Make more effective and timely decisions

Not every occurrence in your business is necessarily urgent or unexpected. But with timely notifications, you and your team can make decisions based on critical or noteworthy changes.

Notification topics might include alerts for upcoming customer contract renewals, allowing you to pull out all the stops to seal a new deal - or a heads-up about a customer's inactivity, giving you the tip-off to re-engage and secure that repeat custom.

3) Drive business efficiency and information accuracy

Instant notifications also bypass the need for human input. By receiving that information directly, you eliminate the game of whispers that means you might receive inaccurate, out-of-date information. With notifications, you receive the information you need directly via email, ensuring it’s accurate as presented within your Sage system.

Now, you don’t necessarily need an employee to compile that report or make that phone call to communicate that change. In other circumstances, such information might have been communicated to you via an employee, who might misremember or miskey that information.

4) Protect business partnerships with accurate and timely communication

An effective notification system can not only automatically send alerts to internal stakeholders - but also to external partners and suppliers.

With this capability, you’re able to more effectively maintain working relationships with partners. This might include updating a supplier regarding material levels or letting a retailer know a product batch is ready for despatch. This means critical communications aren’t missed or delayed - and that data sent to those critical partners is both accurate and timely.

5) Communicate professionally with customers

Alongside the ability to engage customers whose contracts are due for renewal, notifications can improve your customer experience, safeguarding their repeat custom and your business’ reputation for a fast, efficient and professional service.

Email notifications from your ERP system can be sent directly to customers. This might include information such as despatch information or order status. It also means information from the system isn't mistranscribed or delayed by human error.

Learn more about notifications for your ERP system

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