Make time-consuming data entry a thing of the past with Fusion Excel Connect

Make time-consuming data entry a thing of the past with Fusion Excel Connect

Fusion Excel Connect is part of the Datel Fusion suite: a selection of products developed by Datel’s own Research and Development team, designed to integrate with and extend the capabilities of Sage solutions. In the case of Excel Connect, this includes Sage 200, Sage Line 500 and Sage 1000. The R&D team are currently developing Excel Connect to integrate with Sage X3.

How does it work?

This particular add-on software is designed to make light, comfortable work of time-consuming data entry tasks. With Fusion Excel Connect, key users of your Sage system can enter accounting data, sales orders, purchases and stock quickly and efficiently, by creating and editing data in the familiar Microsoft Excel spreadsheets they’re already using every day.

This is all without rekeying any of the data manually, meaning data can be uploaded directly to Sage. Users can also browse data from Sage, such as nominal codes, costs centres and departments, select it, and drop it into Microsoft Excel.

Instant feedback indicates whether this has been done correctly, so users who are not necessarily experienced in Sage can confidently enter data into the system and vice versa.

So, what are the benefits?

With Fusion Excel Connect, your Sage users can:


  • Create and edit data in their most familiar spreadsheet format

  • Post directly into Sage without rekeying any data

  • Work remotely with more ease, using more widely-used software

  • Validate data more efficiently to reduce inaccurate postings

  • Leave a full audit trail, so you can accurately track activity

  • Add new plugins over time for new functionality, as needed.

Fusion Excel Connect on laptop screen

Book the Fusion Excel Connect demo

A Fusion Excel Connect demo, led by Datel’s Fusion experts on Tuesday 13th September, can help you to find out in more detail about how Fusion Excel Connect could help your growing business. You’ll have the opportunity to ask an expert any questions you might have about the software and its capabilities for your business.