Mobile ERP: Sage X3, the mobile ERP solution

Mobile ERP: Sage X3, the mobile ERP solution

According to a whitepaper on the topic of mobility and ERP, conducted by Sage in partnership with Datel; almost three-quarters of businesses do not currently have mobile access to business systems.

However, the vast majority of key players and decision-makers in businesses have a desire to provide an extensive number of departments and members of their businesses with mobile access to the company’s ERP system, with ERP taking priority over any other business software.

This is predominantly to allow key staff to access sales, stock and reporting-based features which help to increase data accuracy, improve communication and enhance productivity across the whole business.

Despite this obvious and recognised need to provide mobile ERP access at virtually all departmental levels, the overwhelming majority of businesses do not have mobile access, and are hesitant to take the steps to implement it. The predominant cause of this is nervousness surrounding the security element of providing staff with mobile access to such a sensitive source of data, and using potentially unsecure connections to access and update information, particularly when writing-back data after accessing it offline.

Decision-makers therefore need to overcome their security concerns in order to accommodate their workforces. It is clear that very few businesses have mobile ERP access, but that all businesses require it in various departments for a wide range of functions.

It has also become clear that a diverse range of mobile devices and operating systems are currently in use within each business. Business owners will require their ERP software to accommodate by providing the same access and features across all platforms, and be able to integrate data regardless of manufacturer or OS. There needs to be an appreciation of the diverse range of devices coming into the workplace, as it is essential both in relation to ERP implementation and the development of IT functionality in general.

Sage X3: empowering your business

Together, Datel and Sage are helping businesses on an international scale to implement feature-full, secure ERP systems that allow them to react rapidly to customer needs and streamline access to information – wherever in the world they may be.

Sage’s enterprise-level, fully-mobile ERP solution, Sage X3, implemented and supported by Datel, empowers your business.


Sales teams have immediate access to essential business documents and contact details on their mobile devices, to ensure they can take action on customer needs effectively at all times. They can also enter and update order details and check product and service information, such as specifications and pricing, when they’re out in the field, so that delays are avoided and customers or prospects receive the service they expect.

Senior managers and directors have instant access to accurate and timely information wherever they are, to gain the immediate insight needed to make important decisions on-the-move.

Multi-device support

Sage X3 is configured to support any device platform or operating system, so organisations with a multitude of devices and operating systems or a ‘Bring Your Own Device’ policy, access to ERP can remain flexible and secure.


Modern ERP systems are designed with security in mind, and Sage X3 is no exception. The software has been certified against the OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities for web application security, which subjects the software to hundreds of penetrative tests to assess its suitability.

Sage X3 also uses HTTPs (encrypted communication protocol with certificated authentication) to ensure a safe and secure data transfer at all times, regardless of device.