Mobile ERP: What mobility means for modern businesses

Mobile ERP: What mobility means for modern businesses

The use of mobile technology has grown exponentially in recent years, and mobility has now firmly established itself as an integral part of modern life.

Consumers and business users alike are constantly finding new ways to use smartphones and tablets to make tasks in everyday life quicker, simpler and more streamlined. Technology is in a constant state of flux, with new devices, operating systems and apps entering the market each day.

The effect that mobility is having on businesses is particularly significant. The flexibility of mobile technology has made it possible for more workers to become mobile, meaning that the number of remote, travelling and home workers has increased.

In turn, the demand for mobile access to core business systems has increased, to enable workers to access the information and tools they need to perform their jobs as effectively as possible, wherever in the country – or, indeed, the world – they may be.

Mobility & ERP software

Mobility in the workplace has become a vital component of running a successful business in the modern world, and the hub of many businesses is its ERP system.

Having mobile capabilities for your ERP software gives instant access to accurate data, empowering sales staff whilst on-the-go increasing their productivity and enabling real-time decision-making. Key players in the operational funnel, such as directors and managers, can view forecasting dashboards and performance charts from their tablets and smartphones, to make decisions based on only the most up-to-date information.

From the stockroom to the boardroom, organisations with mobile ERP provide workers at all operational levels with visibility on the status of all processes relevant to them, as well as access to all pertinent contact information, productivity and performance reports, stock counts in different locations, order processing and purchasing details, and all other aspects of ERP that are integral to their job role.

Does my business need mobile access?

Having mobile access provides businesses with more opportunities to make time-sensitive and informed decisions. This will typically result in fewer errors, operational efficiency and improved accuracy – all contributors to sustained business growth.

Without the flexibility and capability to make timely decisions based on accurate data, businesses will likely find themselves at a disadvantage in an increasingly mobile and competitive marketplace.

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