Mobile ERP: Who needs mobile access, and why?

Mobile ERP: Who needs mobile access, and why?

While it is the case that businesses need mobile ERP access, it is important to establish specifically who within a business might require this access, and why exactly they need it in order to improve the quality of their job or department for the better of the wider business.

In an ERP mobility survey conducted by Sage in partnership with Datel, 193 decision makers predominantly in Finance Management and Director roles (63%) or IT Management and Director roles (24%) were asked several questions geared towards understanding how mobile ERP would be, or already is, implemented in their organisations.

The scale of their businesses was fairly evenly balanced between companies with £5-£10 million turnover (33%), £10-£20 million (30%), £20-£50 million (26%) and £50-£100 million (11%).

The majority (86%) of businesses surveyed had a mobile workforce to some degree.

Who needs mobile access?

To find out, all respondents were asked which departments and members of their businesses would require mobile ERP access. There results showed a diverse range of departments within businesses requiring mobile ERP access, suggesting that there are numerous benefits to be gained from the entire workforce having ERP data made available to them on-the-move.

However, Sales and Senior Management evidently had the most demand for ERP access on the move, followed closely by Managing Directors.

Why do they need mobile access?

When asked which specific ERP functions respondents would like members of the business to have access to, there was a fairly even spread across the board. This further reinforces the concept that virtually all areas of a business would require mobile ERP access to complete their day-to-day tasks more efficiently.

However, the most popular area for mobile access was sales order processing (16%), while contacts (12%), reports (11%), financials (11%) and stock management (11%) all followed closely behind.


It appears that sales teams are perhaps the most to benefit from mobile ERP by being given access to a wide range of features – namely, contact information and order processing functionality while out of the office or attending meetings – to help them to build and enhance relationships with customers and prospects.

These results are also indicative of Managing Directors and Senior Management staff being keenest to have on-the-go access to up-to-the-minute data on financials, stock and reports, in order to have a real-time view of company performance.

While almost three-quarters of businesses do not currently have mobile access to business systems, it is clear that the vast majority of key players and decision-makers in businesses do have a desire to provide an extensive number of departments and members of their businesses with mobile access to the company’s ERP system.

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