Neom Organics partners with Datel to implement Sage X3 ERP system

Neom Organics partners with Datel to implement
Sage X3 ERP system

3rd January 2017

Founded in 2005, Neom Organics specialises in creating fragrances that are 100% natural with true wellbeing benefits: to relieve stress, aid sleep, boost energy or lift your mood. The product range, which spans across home fragrance and bath and body, can be found at their website www. as well as two standalone stores in Leeds and Wimbledon. The range is also stocked in most large retailers in the UK, including John Lewis and Selfridges, and salons and spas, and in high-end stores overseas.

Oliver Mennell, CEO at Neom Organics, explains how the company is expected to grow further in the coming years: “Our business is rapidly expanding and with that comes new challenges. We have a complex omni-channel business, including our own website, standalone stores, concessions as well as selling through department stores and independent stockists. We’ve also positioned the brand in a number of overseas territories.

“It came to a point during our 2020 strategic planning process when we realised that we would need a much more robust software system to support and manage the business throughout our growth journey.”

Discussing the current business management systems in use across the business, Oliver explained: “For the last eleven years we’ve been in business, we’ve been able to survive on relatively entry-level systems. We’ve used Sage Line 50 as our accounting package, and Orderwise as our stock control system – the latter of which had a variety of different systems integrated with it; from communications functions with our logistics warehouse, to the company website’s Magento platform, and dozens of bolt-on reporting systems.

“As we continued to grow in size over the last few years, we were pushing a higher number of transactions through those systems, so they were starting to become a little creaky. One of the main driving forces for a new, comprehensive ERP solution was being able to consolidate as many of these disparate systems as possible into one simple, streamlined platform that could support the growing number of transactions.

“We were also looking to get a handle on our data, and be able to run any kind of report we want at the drop of a hat. At the moment my team are spending weeks combining all of the resources across the business to compile and then analyse that information. So, what we really want to do is empower people within the business to be able to get any information they need at any time.”

Shaun Joyce, Financial Director at Neom Organics, explains how the business became aware of Sage and Datel during the ERP evaluation process: “I’ve come across Sage X3 in previous roles, and I knew it was a credible system to compare against the others we were considering, so I suggested the software as a contender for our possible new solution. I’d also worked with Datel previously, so I was aware of the business’s credentials and standing as the largest Sage Business Partner.

Oliver explains why Neom Organics chose Sage X3 and Datel: “Sage X3 was the most comprehensive and robust of the options we considered for our new ERP solution. A lot of other systems fundamentally do similar things to Sage X3, but what we really liked about Sage X3 was the ease of reporting, and just being able to drag and drop any field into a report and run it at the click of a button. Once we opened up the bonnet and looked inside all of the software we were considering, it was Sage X3 that was a lot more comprehensive in its functionality.

“Datel has been around for a long time, is a very credible company, and the quality of service has been exceptional so far. It’s been great working with a business we’re able to logistically meet up with on a regular basis, too.

“We felt like Datel was genuinely interested in our business and did a great job of giving us the information we needed throughout the evaluation process. I’m definitely looking forward to working with the team over the next few years and building on our relationship.”

Andrew Pritchard, Sales Director at Datel, comments: “We are delighted that Oliver made the decision to choose Sage and Datel to help support Neom, as the business begins to implement their new growth strategy. It’s great to hear that we came so highly recommended by Shaun to Oliver and the team at Neom, and our project management team is looking forward to getting started on the implementation process.”

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“What we really liked about Sage X3 was the ease of reporting, and just being able to drag and drop any field into a report and run it at the click of a button.”

Oliver Mennell, CEO, Neom Organics