People at Datel: Richard Cunningham, Sage 200 Support Team Leader

People at Datel: Richard Cunningham, Sage 200 Support Team Leader

Richard Cunningham is the Team Leader for Datel’s growing Sage 200 Support team. Read more about his experiences as a Consultant and Team Leader at Datel.

First, tell us a bit about you and your background.

My first role was with an industry-leading manufacturing company in my home town near Glasgow. I helped with the implementation of their first ERP system, moving from a completely manual, paper-based solution.

In 1999 I moved to my first Sage Reseller where I supported Sage Line 100. I have been in the Sage Business Partner channel ever since, working for a number of business partners along the way.

I always knew that I wanted to work in IT. Working with software and technology means that you always need to make sure that your skills are up-to-date and relevant. So, I’m always learning new skills while honing existing ones, and today I support all facets of Sage 200 as well as SQL and all third-party add-ons, including those from Eureka, Draycir and Sicon.

How did you find out about Datel?

I found out about Datel in 2005 when looking for a permanent role after returning from a year of travel around Australia, New Zealand and Bali.

After returning to Glasgow from Australia I decided it was time to move onto pastures new, so I started looking for roles in England. I decided to go for an interview to Datel for a vacancy available for a Sage Line 500 Consultant.

Richard Cunningham

What does a typical day at Datel involve for you now?

Being a Team Leader day-to-day involves monitoring and tracking team performance and workloads, and planning out the day ahead for the team-based on current ticket volumes and consultant availability.

I have my own workload of tickets to manage. Support tickets can come in the form of a query or full blown data investigations. It’s hard to say what any individual day will hold!

I also assist my colleagues with their tickets as required. They may look to me for assistance when they need advice on how to approach an issue.

Providing meaningful documentation on a ticket is crucial, so another task of mine is to make sure that the team is documenting tickets and following procedures correctly. Support procedures are very tight and can help facilitate some crucial reporting, but this is only the case as long as the Consultants are documenting and selecting the correct values when processing or closing a ticket.  I’m there to make sure that they do.

How has your role and department changed since you started, and how do you think it might change in the future?

With Support under strong leadership at Datel, I feel very valued.  When I started Datel in 2005 as a Consultant, there was myself and two Applications Consultants who dealt with Datel’s Sage Line 100 customers. The growth witnessed over the years in Sage 200 meant that the team expanded significantly, from three of us back in 2005 to now ten Sage 200 Support Consultants and ten Applications Sage 200 Consultants – managing over 500 Sage 200 customers.

What do you enjoy most about working at Datel, and would you recommend Datel?

Datel is a great company to work for. There is definitely a family feel to the company, as we do well at retaining staff. The Directors are all eminently approachable and there is very much a feeling that we’re all in it together. The social gatherings go a long way to fortify this feeling!

Would you recommend Datel?

Yes, absolutely. I can say that I’m proud to work for Datel.