Playdale takes on challenge of doubling turnover, with help from Sage and Datel

Playdale takes on challenge of doubling turnover, with help from Sage and Datel

12th September 2014

Taking turnover up from £15 million to £30 million in just five years is an ambitious business goal, but one that Playdale Playgrounds Ltd is tackling with confidence. Playdale knows that it can rely on its Sage systems – and Datel – to take it where it wants to be, and that includes operating in 24 countries around the world.

A Sage user for the past ten years, Playdale has moved up through the Sage range, implementing Sage 200 in 2010.

The move to Sage 200 has given the company all the benefits of:

  • A fully integrated database, which allows Playdale to use material requirements planning, with improved bill of materials, stock and works orders functionality
  • Greater integration of third-party solutions, such as Preactor production planning and scheduling software
  • The SQL database, which has dramatically improved management reporting and eliminated the problems that arise when multiple users concurrently access a database.


Playdale playground
Playdale Playgrounds employee working at desk

A 360° view of business interactions

In another significant technology milestone, in early 2012 Playdale started to use Sage customer relationship management (CRM) software.

Through this solution, Playdale managers and users are able to:

  • Create a secure, central store of information on customer interactions business-wide
  • Integrate enquiries coming in over the web and rapidly follow up on sales leads
  • Manage customer service and build a ‘corporate memory’ of knowledge around case resolution
  • Capture evidence to meet ISO accreditation requirements
  • Readily access a customer’s credit record
  • Store associated documents, such as supplier quotes.

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