Preparing for the ERP evaluation: Meeting an ERP reseller – what to expect

Preparing for the ERP evaluation: Meeting an ERP reseller – what to expect

Many evaluation teams are keen to set up a demonstration of the software being considered. However, this often isn’t what the reseller will be offering in the first instance. ERP solutions have many functions available and although generic demonstrations can give you a basic understanding of the look and feel, without understanding what is important to you, a reseller cannot give you the most useful software demonstration. For this reason, many resellers will follow a two stage process:

Stage 1: The first meeting

This is an opportunity for you to share short- and long-term business aspirations with the reseller, which will help them to advise on the right solution for the direction your company is heading. The information the reseller gathers at this stage should help them to provide a demonstration of the aspects of the solution that are important to you, and leave out the irrelevant functionality.

Stage 2: Software demonstration

Demonstrating fully some of the more powerful solutions on the market may well take at least a day. Providers on your shortlist will spend time understanding the business and its processes and identifying which areas of the solution are most relevant. This may well involve the provider’s technical consultant coming on-site to see how things are done.

We have produced a comprehensive ERP Buying Toolkit that includes information on the best way to build a business case, and prepare for an ERP evaluation process and implementation.


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