Preparing for the ERP evaluation: Setting up an ERP evaluation team

Preparing for the ERP evaluation: Setting up an ERP evaluation team

A key step in the process of improving your company’s ERP system is establishing an evaluation team, to decide what is required and how it is going to be achieved.

Unless your organisation and the proposed migration project are very small, it is unlikely that one person can take on all the roles and responsibilities involved in evaluating potential solutions and the technology partners pitching for the business.

Who are the key members of an evaluation team? What skills should they possess?

Firstly, there is a Project Leader. This person will have overall responsibility for driving the project forward and consulting the other individuals so that decisions can be made. The skills and knowledge they will need are:

  • Understanding of the business as a whole, including the long-term business plans and focus
  • Understanding of the needs for a new ERP solution
  • Good organisational skills and project management.


The second team member required is Executive Support/Sponsorship. This is a senior manager who has budget sign-off and the authority to clear any obstacles to driving the project forward. They need to have:

  • Commitment to the project as a whole

  • Understanding of the business needs and long-term business plan

  • Board-level sign-off on projects and budget.

Thirdly, the IT Manager is essential; someone who understands the infrastructure and how the current systems fit together and interrelate. For smaller businesses, this may be the company to which IT support and maintenance are outsourced. The IT team member needs to have:

  • Good understanding of the current infrastructure

  • Good understanding of the current systems and how they fit together.

Lastly, the evaluation team needs to include Managers of Departments touched by the project. Opening up membership of the team beyond the finance department will help to extend the benefits of the solution across the business.

Once all the key members are in place, your evaluation team will be able to move forward to begin identifying the issues facing your organisation.

Pie chart of evaluation team

We have produced a comprehensive ERP Buying Toolkit that includes information on the best way to build a business case, and prepare for an ERP evaluation process and ERP implementation. For more information or to download the guide complete the form below.

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