Project Cost Analysis with Sage 200cloud

Managing every aspect of your thriving and growing business can be tough. But there is a powerful web-based tool that can provide you with everything you need, including detailed project cost analysis, that can be accessed by everyone who needs to see it. It can also give an easy-to-understand, detailed overview of all your company projects, with all the cost details you need.

This web-based tool is Sage 200cloud. Sage 200cloud’s business accounting capabilities give you complete control over every aspect of the finance details on a project-by-project basis and a wider one, too. The customisable interface allows you to easily see cost details at a glance, whether you need simple costing details or a more in-depth analysis.

Easily view and manage project costs

When you’re running a project, big or small, it is important to know how the finances are shaping up. Are you working to budget? Is it running on time? Is every area as cost-effective as you planned?

These are all key questions for any project manager or for those in business, who need to manage numerous projects on a financial and performance level. Sage 200cloud gives you the control and visibility you need to easily monitor, adapt and update your project finances.

Sometimes, you just need to be confident that spending is on track and costs are being kept under control. The system will give you that peace of mind in an instant. Or if your project is not delivering the expected results, you can quickly analyse your costs and see where the problem lies.

Likewise, when a project is running under budget but still delivering – or even outperforming – the easy-to-run and customisable cost analysis tool will highlight where things have gone well, including which areas of the project have proved to be the most cost-effective. 

Manage numerous projects from a single screen

If you’re managing multiple projects, or in a senior management role that involves monitoring the performance of a department, the Sage 200cloud software offers just what you require. It provides the information and flexibility that you need to ensure you know where every penny has been spent, - whilst being fully informed on the status and progress of the project, financially and operationally.

When you need to allocate project management rights to members of staff for a particular project, that’s also something you can do quickly and easily. Or, if you prefer to give approval before any monies are committed that’s an option too.

The Sage 200cloud tools allow you to see real-time changes and easily monitor how project costs are working out across the year-to-date, or various customisable periods. Its simple-to-use yet in-depth project cost analysis tools allow you to compare different projects or pinpoint your chosen cost areas. 

Contact Datel for Sage 200cloud

Ensuring a project delivers on all fronts, including the financial side, is something that every business needs to be able to do. Thanks to the Sage 200cloud ‘project cost analysis’ capabilities, this will become an easy task and you can produce in-depth reports to impress your team and superiors.

If you would like to find out more about Sage 200cloud and how it could be of benefit to your business, please feel free to get in touch. Our team of experts are always on hand and happy to answer your questions. So why not call us today on 0800 0775 888 or send a message using our online contact form and we will respond as soon as possible.