Rushlift chooses Datel for Sage X3 implementation

Rushlift chooses Datel for Sage X3 implementation

17th January 2018

Materials handling equipment expert, Rushlift, has selected Datel to guide them through the implementation of Sage X3. Investing in a new ERP system will allow Rushlift to continue growing the business by ensuring better cost control across the company.

With its headquarters in Northampton, Rushlift has a further five bases in the UK, to service and supply materials handling equipment to customers worldwide. Following an acquisition by Doosan Industrial Vehicle UK in 2015, Rushlift significantly expanded its business to include larger fleet accounts.

The merging of the two businesses meant that a higher level of reporting was now required, and a more detailed analysis would help to efficiently track budgeting. Rushlift’s previous ERP system, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, was time-consuming to use and it was becoming increasingly difficult to see allocated costs. When it was time to update the software, Rushlift decided that it would be a good opportunity to look at other systems that would bring further benefits to the company.

In addition, Rushlift’s merger with Doosan and subsequent growth prompted the requirement for a more advanced solution, to allow top level overviews of the profitability of each business sector to be easily produced. Rushlift also required a greater level of integration with its other systems, for example allowing invoices to be imported and processed in a simple and time-efficient way.

With Doosan operating Sage 50 software and finding it met its needs, the Sage suite was the obvious choice for Rushlift. Following an initial enquiry with Sage, Rushlift was referred to Datel, as a longstanding, official business partner and key member of Sage’s Business Partner Advisory Council. Datel advised Rushlift on the purchase of Sage X3 after reviewing the company’s growing requirements, and providing a demonstration of its enhanced capabilities. A fully integrated ERP system, Sage X3 would make data analysis simpler and more accurate – with all information across the business stored on the same platform.

Yasar Hussain, Assistant Accountant at Rushlift, comments: “Rushlift has seen tremendous growth over the last two years, thanks to our acquisition by Doosan. However, this meant our previous financial system was struggling to keep up with the growing volume of data that we wanted it to handle.

“We needed a more sophisticated ERP system that would offer much more functionality – particularly with analysis. To take one example, we would previously only be able to see an overview of the data once a month, with analysing nominals proving very time-consuming. Now, there is an increased demand to see ‘the bigger picture’, to assess financial figures more frequently and accurately. Flexibility was therefore a key requirement for us, both now and in the future, providing us with the scope to grow. 

Man driving a forklift in a warehouse
“Sage X3 was the ideal choice for us. We had already heard of the software because of its good reputation. This meant we didn’t review any other options, as we were happy with the level of analysis Sage X3 could offer us.“

Yasar Hussain, Assistant Accountant, Rushlift

“Sage X3 was the ideal choice for us. We had already heard of the software because of its good reputation. This meant we didn’t review any other options, as we were happy with the level of analysis Sage X3 could offer us. Datel has been very helpful in assisting the decision, and we had several meetings to discuss the possible parameters in more detail.”

Junior Hewitt, new business sales consultant at Datel, adds: “Rushlift was already clear that the Sage software would be able to meet the company’s growing needs. Sage X3 will fit their new business model well, and allow them to more effectively control costs and reduce wastage. With a simplified project management capability, Rushlift will be able to ensure more accurate time and cost tracking to optimise profitability and gain real-time insights into the business. Plus, Sage X3 is easily implemented and supported worldwide, meaning the software can be configured to meet additional requirements, should the company want to expand in the future.
“As Rushlift had not previously used Sage, we have provided training over the past few months, with a view to getting the software up-and-running as soon as possible.”