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Alan Simpson

Sage Ambition Ambassador Peter Jones

In April, Sage appointed entrepreneur Peter Jones as their Ambition Ambassador. Peter is a Sage Customer for Life - he started his first business at age 16 and has been using Sage since the early days of his business journey.

“Joining Sage was an easy decision. I know we are a nation of business builders who fuel the UK’s economy," said Peter in an announcement by Sage. "We all have a responsibility to give those with ambition the best technology, advice and legislative framework to reach their potential.”

And as leader of a variety of companies, Peter has direct experience of how technology can empower businesses to realise their ambitions. “[Sage’s] applications have grown with me and I still rely on Sage Business Cloud to reduce the administrative burden across my own organisation. I know the value that Sage technology brings to businesses of any size.” said Peter.

But what does ambition mean to Peter today? At the start of his journey, it meant simply starting a business to have the things in life that he wanted.

Inspired by Sage’s Ambition Ambassador, Datel is running a competition to find Britain’s most ambitious business.  The lucky winner will receive a promotional video showcasing their business ambition, courtesy of Datel.

What can an ambition story look like? Below, you'll find ambition stories from Datel customers such as Quanta Dialysis Technologies and Connect 2 Cleanrooms. Each have a vision for the future they're working to make happen - all underpinned by ambition and the desire to do more.

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