Sage X3 is now Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management

Sage X3 is now Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management as part of its inclusion in the newly launched Sage Business Cloud. Accounting, finance, HR, payroll - Sage Business Cloud features a portfolio of capabilities designed to support businesses through every stage of their business journey, from start-up ventures to multinational organisations.

What does that mean for you?

For businesses already using Sage X3, nothing will change. Sage X3 will continue to be the management solution your business needs. The platform you’re using today will be the Sage solution you’re using tomorrow - just under a different name. Sage Business Cloud doesn’t compel customers to use a cloud-driven solution - it simply offers businesses the opportunity to adopt elements of cloud technology in the future.

For businesses looking to adopt Sage X3, that means material referring to ‘Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management’ or ‘enterprise management’ - such as documentation, blog posts or case studies - is talking about the solution you might’ve previously known as Sage X3.

Regardless of its name, the solution hasn’t changed. Sage X3 is a global business management solution that encompasses a wide range of financial and distribution modules, including workflow, integration tools and visual process maps. All this is available in modern, easy to use software designed to improve the profitability of both domestic and international businesses.

Why has Sage X3 become Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management?

Sage CEO Stephen Kelly said that business ‘of all shapes and sizes’ need solutions to drive productivity, which ‘enable them to respond at lightning speed’ and ‘deliver insights’.

And by providing a platform specifically designed to accommodate businesses of ‘all shapes and sizes’ with Sage Business Cloud, Sage can support them as their shape and size change - no matter where the business is or where it’s going.

For Sage X3 specifically, the name change reflects the platform’s position as the enterprise-level solution within the Sage product portfolio, as enterprise management is just one of the many capabilities businesses can leverage to drive efficiency and growth during their journey.

To accommodate that journey, Sage have included the following products within Sage Business Cloud:

  • Enterprise Management
  • People
  • Payroll
  • Accounting
  • Financials
  • Payments and Banking

For some businesses, enterprise management will be their first step into Sage Business Cloud. For others, it will be their next step as their business grows and their needs change. If your business is looking to take that next step within Sage Business Cloud, get in touch with Datel’s Sage experts.

Or learn more about Datel’s Sage X3 implementation methodology from X3 Services Director Paolo Arcangelo.